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  1. Non-US folks can't appreciate, but Rose Mcgowan and Tucker Carlson are as unlikely a pairing on tv as any you can think of. Britney bringing people together out here.
  2. I'm with you. Supported the movement but figured the most extreme rumors were wrong and the truth lay somewhere in the middle. Turns out it was even worse than the worst suspicions. The movement could not have been more vindicated than it was today.
  3. It's actually hard to believe. How literally every immediate family member is ****. I mean, the cruel alcoholic father? Common trope. The callous older brother? Seems common enough. The seemingly good-intentioned but completely feckless mother? Maybe its a southern thing but I guess I can see it as well. But getting exploited by the little sister too ???
  4. Waiting for NYT investigation into how Britney's estate is allegedly 60m when her career earnings are many multiples of that. Jamie is too much of an idiot to be the answer.
  5. I can't comprehend how, going back years, anyone could have seen her eyes in any IG pics/vids and honestly thought she was happy. At best, the IG has been a curated means to stay relevant with fans. And in the worst times it has been used as a weapon of propaganda. I mean, forget whatever she was saying / writing and just fking look at her eyes, it said it all.
  6. Question - for updates during the hearing, is anyone from BH actually registered with an audio link? If not, will we all just be relying on mainstream media updates after the fact? It's actually really easy to register with the court and I started doing so, but then thought better of it.
  7. What if I told you Anticipating is 2 things at the same time: 1. one of, if not the, generally weakest songs on the album 2. one of, if not the, most feel good songs on the album That may or may not make sense but let's all agree we're better off for having this song on a week like this.
  8. I'm of the opinion that more media coverage and scrutiny would be better than less... The slow incremental approach has clearly gone nowhere and at this point the bandaid needs to be ripped off. And lets be real, this is not 2005. Britney's risk is getting too little coverage to make any difference, rather than getting so much of it that it devolves into a circus. I really do feel that media attention and the force of public opinion, granted it be strong enough, can move the needle on a case like this.
  9. Am I wrong or has Rolling Stone, on the whole, been quite supportive of Brit dating back to the very beginning in the late 90s
  10. I remember just how huge a mainstream media event this was. Then the ensuing wave of reactions/jokes. She put herself out there in goodfaith to address some rumors, set some things straight, and it just backfired so badly. It made her seem like an exceedingly easy target so the bad elements in the media quickly doubled their efforts against her. Somehow it hadn't occurred to me how much this interview set the stage for the events of 2007.
  11. Got you. In my opinion, her experience coming back the couple years after 2007 shows she is strong enough to withstand some very serious external traumas. So in regards to any permanent/long-term effects that she may or may not be showing, my main concern is honestly this history of medication. True, we don't know any details but it's theoretically scary stuff, brain chemistry. Either way - like you said - it is complete speculation at this point; Hopefully we will see that all our concerns were misguided when she is free and able to speak her mind outside of the damn instagram.
  12. I'm ignorant on this topic so it's a naive question, but what kind of drugs do we think they made her take? Is there medical evidence that use / overuse of such drugs cause permanent personality changes?
  13. "It's Hebrew, it’s a language written backwards !!!! " This is a 100% real Britney post
  14. 13 year old me seeing 2 Britneys interact in the same shot in Lucky ...... how did they do that ???
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