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What do you remember about Britney's iconic rise to fame?

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It is in the forum's description yet nobody does reminisce about it anymore

What do you remember if you do?


if you didn't have that possibility to enjoy the beginning of Britney's career then well, you can as well post your first memories.


I was too effing young and didn't have access to internet or foreign music back in 1999

for me one of the first memories were loving the song Rebellion but i think it was 2007. i remember listening to Rebellion in a bus and felt so effing happy. it meant the world for me. the snippet of Rebellion and how well it sounded.

damn dayum all these songs like Oops sounded so good on my mp3 player. now i don't listen to them (Baby.., Oops) as much.

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I remember first hearing about her some time when I was in Switzerland at age 8 and the most popular songs on tv music countdown were oops and it’s my life by bon jovi. To this day they sticked with me and I can’t think of Britney without my brain making the connection to Bon Jovi; although in Portugal I only felt her rise with in the zone; me against the music and toxic were playing in every single place. Good times. 

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6 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

I didn't personally have it because my parents would never buy my siblings and I anything lol but my neighbor did. We would listen to it and dance on the streets every afternoon, that was my childhood :kidcries_crying_sad_tearing_up_sobbing:

much simpler time! Britney’s come-up had such a huge impact on my formative years. Huge role model for me since she’s 6 years older than me. 

& my mother was SUPPORTIVE of Britney being a role model for me (as my mom was a strong, confident, bad azz Leo woman). 

Thank you so much for sharing your story!

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Women became a star overnight, when BOMT aired on MTV in my country where American music was a flop back then I was 4 and being a women I was like what is this sorcery? I was so excited and let me tell you I didn't even know English back then! 

It wasn't about boys or girls, freakin mania started for this women all around my school - there was a CD store called Planet M now it's no more and I remember when oops came heck there was a line and I still didn't get my CD - that time buying international artists CD in India was a luxury because they were expensive. 

There must be newer fans of her, but people who have witnessed her starting till 2004-2005 have been blessed immensely - my Britney mania was like Madonna mania of my aunt - she was on the radio, she was on TV, she was in malls she was everywhere. 

I don't know how huge she was and is in other countries, but in my country it was a mania since the starting - people went absolutely nuts over her I am still to this day need to see this mania of someone else - I use to tell my father to tape her performances on MTV because of the time zone issue and I still have those tapes. 

She was my first 4-5 CDs, my first 4 concert, my first English song. It was like you don't like britney spears then you'll be judged.

There are newer artist and very successful ones like Taylor, Beyonce, GaGa, Justin etc etc but no Britney mania has been witnessed by me.

Abs to kill for, dancing to kill her, true hits etc etc - girl came in with a whole package and I was here for it, apart from all this she is sweet which I loved most about her. With 20+ years into her career, Britney always resonated with me not because of her songs but because of her relatable personality.  

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Like others said, she literally was everywhere which made her well liked but also well hated. She oozes charisma and as a kid growing up, it was like she’s the cool babysitter. It’s so jarring that she’s everything perfect but can also laugh at her mistakes. She makes goofy faces and it was refreshing to see that celebrities don’t have to be perfect and to me she always said she wasn’t perfect and we see her burst out laughing when she falls or tell herself she isn’t pretty as jlo or have a voice like Xtina. It’s what makes her so relatable and just like us even she can slay us in a blink of an eye with her charisma. I think she’s one of the last BIG stars.

also as a kid I heard one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces has a Britney poster is disturbing but nice to know even the most heinous criminal can’t resist Britney Spears. Just like now the whole world is rooting for her. 

omg Britney, you can be like Audrey and become a UN ambassador :tiffanycries_ny_new_york_miss_tiffany_pollard_crying_tears_sobbing_sad:


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I remember being like 5 years old eating at a restaurant in L.A in 1999 and Sometimes was playing. I couldn’t get the song out of my head and once I saw the music video and saw who Britney was I fell in love! Baby One More Time was the first album I had and listened to it nonstop. Britney was everywhere around that time! I remember Britney Mania quite well, all the merchandise from dolls, school supplies, watches, and video games.I used to cut out magazine pictures of her and put them up on my bedroom wall lolz. 

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She had a meteoric rise, for a few months she was loved by everybody. 


But by March 1999, a controversial Rolling stone cover (back then this was a huge deal as she wasn't 18, now it wouldn't be as people now understand teens are gonna be having s**, and dressing ****).


She was S/lut shamed, called a pariah and basically that's when her first backlash happened. 


There would be plenty, I remember a countdown existing of the biggest studio plant since "Madonna", who Madonna herself just like Britney was told and the public was reminded That Madonna would be out in six months and Cyndi Lauper was gonna be the superstar. 


Britney and Christina was exactly that for our generation. the Madonna vs. Cyndi. 


But, everybody agreed Britney was going be the winner just like Madonna was in her battle with Cyndi. 


Ironically both Xtina and Cyndi flopped on album #4. 


But, had Britney did the Jive records treatment and be a power ranger. She definitely wouldn't be the icon she is. 


Her instinct in knowing her audience paid off. 


But yeah huge superstar but making her a Lolita was probably one of the biggest mistakes  that executives made..


I just wish we had more movies, Crossroads isnt enough.  


Maybe a comedy sitcom would be great to. 

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1. She was everywhere, I mean everywhere. [insert the pennywise clown getting out the shower floor drain]. From children to elders knew who she was. After her, somehow, bunches of new teen girls started coming out, every label wanted to have their 'Britney'. 

2. My first memory of her is the Crazy mv, for months I thought it was her only song, (when you are a child, a month is an eternity) so I just got to know BOMT and Sometimes maybe until late 1999 

3. She was (and still is) equally loved and criticized, no matter what she did, scandal and s** was present since day 1. :tbh_britney_nod_yes_yas_ftr_for_the_record_vma_2008_circus: 

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