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  1. I think my list would look exactly like this one, except that instead of having TOMH and WB that high I would have Piece Of Me from Circus and probably boys from Onyx Hotel higher. But Work ***** did deserve the top 10 so i'm fine with it. Also, I would have the circus performance from the circus tour inside the top 20. Britney may have not done much in it but the production itself puts it inside the top of her best performances
  2. Gimme more from FF was an honorable mention, it didn't make the top 20
  3. I wish britney had more collabs (which doesn't mean that i want her to have less solo singles, just more songs overall lol.) I know it's unpopular but i liked matches and would've love to see more collabs with male and for them to have a video. Inside Out was a missed chance
  4. I'm sorry it's been confirmed these girls are just impresonators but they're really good at it!
  5. This. @Jordan Miller shouldn't you consider changing the title of these kind of threads to: Britney's intragram addresses etc... Even Pop Crave started doing so when we all told them so on twitter, I think it's weird that a forum filled with britney fans follows the narrative that it is her posting.
  6. honestly i don't know anymore i know for a fact she doesnt like that theyre doing documentaries about her and using the 2007 footage (who would?) but at this point idk how she feels about free britney anymore maybe we should just let britney go
  7. Blackout was a flop. Britney was popular but it broke her strike of #1s. Britney could've been like the only female artist with 7 number one debuts in 2011. Gimme more was a hit and Piece Of Me was the most watched music video in Youtube at the time, but streams weren't being counted in 2007. If the blackout era happened in 2021, both Gimme More and Piece of me would've been #1s based on their streams only. But well, it was a different time Now in 2013 britney's popularity WAS down, S&S (November of 2012) debuted at #12 and fans were melting down, it became a hit because of the GP. Britney's image was severly damaged after FF and The X Factor didn't help. You add that to the fact that there were 0 performances, britney's interviews were the most boring thing in the entire world and a bad album and you have... well, what happened. The saddest flop ever. First them (her team and britney herself) killed the gp hype, and they ended the fans hype once the album was out. Also, the alien demo leaked, she was locked up in las vegas (literally, her contract at the time didn't allow her to perform anywhere else) and that basically summarizes it. As someone here said, britney's music career was basically in the hands of her die hard stans and if the album is bad.. well they're not gonna support it. There's a reason why glory was not only good but also britney was performing everywhere, she even did the VMAs and Carpool Karaoke. Glory was the first time britney was putting efort since 2009, the fans were there for it too, but the gp just wasn't. It won't be easy for her to chart high if she ever releases music again, unless they apply some major chances to her image in the public's eye.
  8. I guess they prepared mannequin for TCSBS but britney didn't feel like actually dancing at all during that tour and after a couple of rehearsals she said **** this lol. what other reason would be for her not to perform the circus and womanizer original choreos on the tour? The encore with womanizer was a bore compared to her live performances during the promo tour
  9. y'all here just throwing the entire albums as singles lol i'm not including any of the first 4 albums because the singles choices are definitely excelent for those the singles that I think could've worked, become hits and also fit britneys discography are: BO: -State of Grace. Can you imagine that song as a single off blackout? that era NEEDED a slow, type of ballad single. it is also better as a single than radar which was gonna be the fourth single anyway. TSC/CIRCUS: -TELEPHONE why did they let that one go? it would've been one of britneys signature hits. -Unusual You / Out From Under FEMME FATALE: -Inside Out (with a rap feature. specially eminem or nicki) BRITNEY JE*N: -Alien, without the glitch and with a live performance after the scandal. it would've become the biggest hit of BJ. The audio of the demo with her terrible vocals had like 4 million views in 2013 GLORY: -Do You Wanna Come Over? as a lead or second single before glory dropped. I don't see Just Luv Me becoming a hit but honestly it was the sound of 2016 so who knows with the right music video
  10. Yes and I would hire somebody to stan her and keep me updated and meet with me every week to listen to her next to me
  11. they literally had another person record her own album what can we expect from them lmao. Two things that always bothered me is that they featured tinashe on slumber party and had britney lip syncing to her vocals on the shows WHAT WAS THE REASON!!!
  12. Cardi or Meghan or BOTH for sure. They're really good performers as well so it'd be really cool to see the music video / performance
  13. why is everything jamie lynn related always such a white tr4sh event?
  14. reading this thread made me realize how amazing most of her openings are yet... the onyx hotel tour one was kinda off? and toxic is definitely a closing song not an opening one! there were bad choices made there imo
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