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  1. I would have a lot of respect for Britney if she did because I wouldn't. From interviews alone we could tell how much Britney loved her sister and to witness JL betray her like that is seriously heartbreaking. I don't know if it's because I have a younger sister & I'm so lucky to have an amazing relationship with her that I just wish Britney had that with JL too? Idk it makes me really sad because siblings should look out for one and other
  2. ITZ really is that b.i.t.c.h, I know Blackout is her "magnum opus" to most fans & the GP but ITZ just has that je ne sais quoi that's been missing from most of her later releases (excluding Blackout)
  3. the way I had to read this a few times to fully comprehend it I know they say time flies as you get older but not this fast, I'm gonna be old & wrinkly before I know it
  4. nah this comment is not it her kids are still KIDS. we don't even know the half of what they have been told or the environment they have been brought up in so we have absolutely no place to judge them.
  5. not people trashing this leigh-anne person and praising nicki in the same sentence
  6. wait....people actually think their status on here means anything? the way this entire thread screams "I AM britney spears!!" vibes
  7. Nah we all saw those documents confirming Kevin played his part back in 08. He is trash & my petty a.s.s wouldn't forgive him
  8. not us finally learning what the hell she was whispering in brave new girl not the biggest fan of the track but its so refreshing to see her proud of her work. for so long we were restricted from hearing her true thoughts its kind of surreal
  9. some of the takes in here are not it....heaven on earth is literally one of her best songs but of course you guys stan get naked (should've been an interlude)
  10. I will hold my hands up to it, I heavily criticised her performances but knowing what I know now? Completely understand why. She was working and not reaping the benefits, forced onto medication and to perform when she wasn't actually well enough, couldn't buy a pair of Skechers or sushi while doing 100+ shows, yeah no wonder she half a.s.s.e.d her performances she was probably trying to tell us all along
  11. Anyway, I think it's great hip hop is getting such a big platform and for the most part they have great rappers to showcase the talent within the genre
  12. This seems like her taking charge of her body again. Remember she mentioned her "precious body" and how she had to be "so good & so pretty" for her team? Guarantee the GP will somehow manage to view this unfavourably but she's been restricted for SO LONG. She doesn't seem to care anymore and I personally don't love the pics but I don't blame her. I just hope she has a good support network around her, it's great that she will be free but I hope it doesn't become overwhelming for her, she needs the time & space to heal
  13. These kind of comments are why we should still have a downvote button
  14. I'm so disappointed in her siblings for not defending Britney all these years, I have a younger sister and I could never IMAGINE allowing the abuse that they have ignored, all for their own selfish gain. I hope now Britney is free from her father's restraints she can build her own support network away from her trash "family". Understandably, she will struggle to trust people for a while but there is some good in the world and its clear the people shunned from her inner circle truly do care for her i.e Fe, Tish & Andrew.
  15. I hope that if Britney wants to do a documentary she decides to do it with the NYT, for the most part they have been respectful and I think they would give her the space to comfortably tell her story. Out of all the documentaries we've had theirs never came across as sensationalist & the creators have been hell bent on investigating & sharing whatever info they find to expose the abuse.
  16. He seems like a sweet guy and I hope now that Satan has been removed from her life officially she can get back in contact with her friends including Tish, Fe and the friends she mentioned from her AA meetings, they are the people she should have around her. I know Andrew said they were just friends but if it was potentially something more and her team put a stop to it then that makes me so sad for her, at least she has Sam now who is starting to grow on me more & more, I wish them the best
  17. I can't believe Britney will be free before her 40th birthday, I dont think any of us would've predicted it. She is the only celebrity I will ever truly care for. She's been such an inspiration for me (& many of us) for literally most of my life and to see her finally winning the longest & hardest battle of her life with help from Mathew & the fans it's actually very emotional. For so long she gave us so much happiness and for us to have helped give Britney her voice again, it's like everything has come full circle. FREE BRITNEY FOREVER 💖
  18. Imagine having the audacity to question britney's integrity and authenticity while representing Satan himself dumb b.i.t.c.h
  19. "She's like a race horse and needs to be treated like one" "My daughters gonna be so rich she's gonna buy me a boat!"
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