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Unrelated party files to terminate Conservatorship - hearing set for November 4th

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Just now, MadonnaBritneyLove said:

My good I can't believe it!!!!! I'm about to faint!!! I feel such luck!!!!!!! We did it for here!!!! SHE DESERVES FREEDOM AND EUFORI!!!!!

PERIODDDDDDDD. :mcry_mariah_carey_proud_beaming: I can't believe this has already happened! I can't believe we have been able to do so much :crying2_britney_crying_tears_2003_diane_sobbing_sad:  Congrats yall :)

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They better free her, AND give all her abusers prison time and force them to pay for all the damages they have caused :gunriah_mariah_carey:


Edit; "It is far past time for Ms. Spears to begin her life. Time is running out. For us all. There is no danger to Ms. Spears or the public. It is in the interest of Justice." This makes me too emotional  :wendycry_wiliams_panicked_crying_tears_upset_sad:

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Just now, phareezy said:

Oh my God. Wait. Hold on now.

Who is Stan Wantoch? Is he connected to the person that previously filed but didn't have $90?

I want to get excited but I need to make sure this is legit before I throw my damn wig in the air.

I swear this is the same name. I was getting excited till I noticed the name. we don’t know who he is and how he pertains to Britney. 

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