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  1. Just wondering, would she have to undergo evaluations in this scenario or does it just immediately end?
  2. I mean, compare the dates the tours and the albums were released. MTV reported on the DWAD tour opening prior to album release, Oops!... and Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know were performed on the Crazy 2k tour prior to Oops!... (song)'s release. I actually don't know how early on they started performing them on the Crazy 2k tour but it was def before Oops!... (song)'s release, I'd assume since the beginning date.
  3. Random but the fact Britney started the Dream Within a Dream Tour before the Britney album was even released (During Anticipating on the first date, she did that thing where she asked the audience to sing along but they had no clue what the lyrics were because no one had heard the songs before nnn) and was performing Oops!... and Don't Let Me Be the Last To Know on the Crazy 2k tour like a month before Oops!... (song) was released is so crazy to think about. If an artist did that now, it would be all over the internet and their albums or songs would have so little hype.
  4. Maybe he used the filler songs as singles. Hopefully this will be a serve, everything he's put out musically is pretty boring (although catchy) production-wise, so maybe this time the visuals will match the music. Anyways pretty album cover but I hope he's careful about these religious references, if it keeps being his schtick, he's gonna fizzle out like a certain pop star.
  5. The Timbaland sound was already in, TBH. Loose came out months before, it was a natural evolution. Are you forgetting about Ms. Knowles? . JK, I forgot about that, it's fair. But thanks for explaining about how George's stuff is viewed internationally, here in Canada, it's the same as the US.
  6. Okay this is kinda unrelated but is it just me hearing this song is so corny? Like it's so poorly written and it comes across as dramatizing normal teen angst as this huge revolting experience in your life but as an angsty teen, for me it's not. Like the catty teen girls in my Junior High come up with better-worded gossip than some of these lyrics.
  7. What kinda doesn't make sense to me is she's not a pop star, she's pop/rock with some grunge and alt influence, she's more like Avril kinda but more angsty from what I presume. So like..... how do pure pop musicians have anything to do with it? Like there are POC artists like Rihanna who are more of a pop star than Olivia has ever demonstrated.
  8. I love George (favourite male singer) but I think in a way with how he chose to go with his career and work towards becoming a more substantial musician as opposed to just continuing Faith and having a career like Madonna's where once there was absolutely nothing left to do with that type of pop, then release "his Ray of Light" (Listen Without Prejudice), the title doesn't make much sense, considering he only had 4 solo studio original albums. Although he's certainly impactful and his legacy is undermined because well, we all know + again the fact he wasn't a sell-out and did what he loved, his name also isn't synonymous with the title, like how Britney, Madonna, and Michael's instantly were after it was coined to it. I do agree though that if we could magically give someone the title and it become instantly recognizable, George would be who deserved it (From his more poppy stuff, to his jams about ***, to stuff that was more "deep" like Jesus to a Child, Mother's Pride, etc) This is why I believe the, "Prince of Pop", title is gonna be vacant until a man who comes and switches up pop/brings something new debuts, it's, "too late", in a way to attach it to those who have already debuted and had their peaks. JT's discography is nothing completely fresh/he didn't ever start a pop revolution solo, so... no.
  9. Sean Preston was even nominated for a Razzie award in 2006 along with Britney and Kevin for, "Most Tiresome Tabloid Targets". There was no boundaries back then.
  10. I saw this performance like a week ago and 100%. I'm a teen and even I could recognize Madonna's influence from her VMAs performance in the 80s, queen.
  11. I'll excuse you trashing the original version of Crazy because you finally admitted Britney has done good, a true reverse warholian expedition.
  12. Other singers aren't singing in a, "baby voice", on their albums, it's not that she'd sound slightly different, she'd sound majorly different to the general public. Back then, her voice was essential to how she was marketed so it would have disillusioned the image they were pushing, so you can see why what happened happened. In addition, it's only the Soubrette vocal type's tone that is emulated, it's not that songs are out of her range. Britney sings songs that a Mezzo can sing with ease for the most part, but it'd give a darker and more richer tone, particularly lower notes. Can you imagine Britney singing the C3 (a female low note) in Oops!...I Did It Again like Beyonce or Gaga back in 2000? Britney is a Lyric Mezzo-Soprano based on her tessitura, her tone on her most notorious records emulate the Soubrette (a classification for very high Sopranos who are usually only this vocal type for a temporary period of time when they are young, this is another reason why the, "baby voice", had to go, even for those who are naturally having that tone, they don't keep it forever and are encouraged to, "let it go", when their voices deepen with age). She'd sound vastly different compared to say Beyonce live or Gaga live who don't sing in a, "baby voice". The thing that stops other artists from sounding the same live is that they don't use autotune like in the studio recording, so it sounds more, "raw", but it doesn't sound totally different/it doesn't neccesarily blow you away that they sound that different live.
  13. TBH there is no Prince of Pop. Justin B's discography is too weak and his star power faded fast, plus he never got that universal following amongst boys and girl (boys who grew up when Britney became famous wanted to date her, girls wanted to be her, etc with the other legends but other way around in Michael's case.) as Justin was looked down upon by the general male teen following (and as someone who was even 4 years old during his reign, even I thought he was a, "bad", celebrity at the time). He is not an electrifying performer either, he doesn't have the dancing + singing combination Michael flawlessly pulled off, doesn't bring in revolutionary concepts to his performances as Madonna did, and doesn't have the dancing + stage presence Britney communicated in her prime. Justin T's discography is too influenced Michael's to make him stand out, pretty much everything is on trend to the time. Usher's discography has never been pure pop, no? So I don't see how he could be the Prince, albeit his discography certainly seens more interesting than the other two considered, "Prince of Pop".
  14. The Flop! Remix? Random but what's your fave album Britney has put out. No offence but I always see you not liking anything Britney has put out (and favouring Xtina or Beyonce ), not saying you're a hater but I'm just curious what you do like about her cause I have 0 idea.
  15. ...Baby One More Time, Sometimes, (You Drive Me) Crazy, Born To Make You Happy, From the Bottom of My Broken Heart, I Will Be There, Deep in My Heart, Autumn Goodbye, and I'm So Curious exist. To be fair, Sometimes was only released to radio. Crazy and From the Bottom of My Broken Heart were only initially released to radio and then were released physically only by the time they were old news. Her single rollouts were such a mess.
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