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  1. There is a saying in Sweden. If only one star sees you, believe in that star's meaning. And with that I mean, try so find something to hold on to. Try to make things good in your life. Try with everything you've got to stop with the smoking. Believe in something else. How hard it may be. I did it. I believe in you! You can do it! (This goes for everyone even if you're against drugs or not.)
  2. Good music! I liked it! But I don't like lighting up and smoke... It's to risky to gamble with the head, mind and soul. Sorry for saying but I really do care about your and everybody's wellfare. The music was saying allot! Poetic! Now ad lyrics!
  3. Now things are getting better!!!! I got very sad and super happy at the same time reading this. It feels like a miracle when something like this happens at a time like this! I know how it is... I didn't have anywhere to live when I was young and when I finally could live at a horrible guy's place I got r a p e d. I have been through everything. But now my life is much better, even though not all is good. I don't feel so good and I need to change job. I'm so tiered of all different kinds of problems. You need to do good things, that leads to good. Be good to yourself. People or things around you that do harm, try to save yourself frome that. I send you warm thoughts!
  4. I would like for her to tell herself who she'd wanna met and talk to. And for her to tell what she has been through with examples and so on. - If she wants to! I think it's to soon for a happy program. It's as she said so much that hasn't seen the light yet. So much is still going on, if the CONteam will be convicted or if they will become free in the trial against them. I think I'll continue to worry alot until I hear her say openly how she really feels. But I would like to admit I would like to see her met Madonna.
  5. It feels like I'm exploding of anger of being this fritend. What are we gonna do if this goes down? I haven't dared to even think about it.
  6. This is actually really good! What he is saying is the truth! My wife is a psychiatrist and she can confirm. What he's saying is evidence for medical abuse! If he would take her on as a patient with that crazy con-team it could make him loose his license. But for him to speak out like this could get him in trouble to. But I think he does it as a way of telling he could, if Rosengod needs, testify. What he is saying between the lines is that her doctor needs to be evaluated and hold responsible. That Brit clearly doesn't need the heavy medication she is clearly forced to take. What he means with that she doesn't know what she's in is a strange thing to say.
  7. I have said for 25 years that I don't believe in God I believe in Madonna. But tonight (or everyday infact) I will pray for Brit. Madonna & Britney are like my sisters from another mother! And now - I'm burning my light inside like a force for her! BRIT WE ARE WITH YOU!!!!!!! HOPE YOU FEEL OUR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!!!!! (And of course pray for the mother facers that they will get what they deserve now!)
  8. It's the other way around! They dress like her! She follows and invents fashion. So when the old school glamour was the hottest and when the latin was in fashion and so on, she was doing it. She was the trendsetter. She made everybody say oh I wanna look like Madonna! To say that the guys make her follow them is stupid. Know your facts. When something becomes a trend amongst us she have already moved on. People that don't understand feminism think Madonna isn't a feminism. She uses clothes in many ways, as a political statement, marketing for her music/movies and a romantic thing for a couple.
  9. That's my girl! I love them both so much! Love you to death is the most she have said about anyone except her children. She would not say that if it wasn't true. And for the haters here, you don't know everything. She doesn't do everything thru the media. Not everything she does sell gold but that doesn't mean you're a has been. Nobody sells gold throughout a whole super long career. It's just stupid to say things like that. Madonna had some hard times to, who said something nice about her then? Try some love you guys!
  10. Yes, I get so irritated of them watching us. If you're going to a gay bar, try to blend in. Don't act like you've on a different planet and now seeing aliens. I asked the straight girls why they were here and if they wanted to be with girls. Just to get rid of the weird feeling I had of what they were doing there. And in Stockholm when I was young there hardly were no lesbian bars or clubs. The gay are partying to much and the lesbian are to boring. To go to gay/lesbian clubs has always made me nervous. That's so strange.
  11. I have a theory that some young girls come to those kinds of gay bear clubs because it's like sightseeing. Maybe some are bi-curios, some young lesbians, some straight wanting to go to the "zoo". And when they become a little bit older they either become lesbians or look back to the time they went to a real gay bar. I was a young lesbian that no girls flirted with because they all thought I was straight. They looked really cool, I looked like a nice good looking girl with makeup and long blond hair. That made me so nervous and sad then and now thinking about it. Lebians are often not nice, they absolutely didn't want to talk to a girl like me. So the gay boys became my best friends. It was shocking to see the dancing in thongs - but I looove it!
  12. What worries me is that if everything he did wasn't illegal... He will get away with everything. That goes for the rest of the pack to. Since they played a high game they probably was smart enough to do it right for their own sake. But Rosengod might find some other way with them. I wonder if they have a heart to feel bad with for what they did to Brit. Or if prison is the only thing that would hurt?
  13. Some of them might be "lipstick lesbians" like I was back in the days. Now I'm a mother and dreaming of the time and energy to bring my wife on a date on a club or bar. Writing this makes me feel so old... My God. It would be good if it was possible to bring our kinds. Whey would tair the place as the little monkeys they are.
  14. That's my girl! You make me so happy with your strength! Thank you for all the things you've done for us!!!
  15. This is a reach but is there anyone here that have any kind of contact with any of the writers? If we're lucky they might say or confirm anything? When things like this happen the wait is torture, someone need to spill their tea...
  16. This better give us something that Brit actually wants to give! I need it so bad!
  17. The only thing that Britney better do is to do whatever she wants to! Nobody have the right to tell her anything after all she's been through!
  18. HE is the one who OBVIOUSLY NEEDS it!!! Good idea!!!! And she can take all her money back! Let him be locked in his trailor! No jail and throw away the key is better...
  19. I have no words. My head is spinning. Feels like I am about to faint. This euforia and mixed feelings. I woke up to this now. I wish I could hug and celebrate with Brit now. I think she knows in her heart that we're sooooo happy for her now and that we're celebrating with her. That all of her feelings are heard by us "free-Britney-fans" that wouldn't give up until this day! You did it, you survived! And what he and his crew did is now coming back to them! You are becoming free and we love you so much!
  20. I hope she has a list of things that she wants to do. Or in her heart a free feeling to do whatever comes to her mind to do! I want her to feel liberated and to be able to feel love for herself and what she does. If she goes away on a long holiday or something else I want her to experience love for it, euforia, freedom in indulgence. My girl! Your days are not in jail. Your days are coming free. I love you so much! Now it's your turn to love yourself in any way you want!
  21. I mean I don't like that nasty talk that some wrote about rectu* and so on. I'm not prude. Even though the song is about sleeping, desire and regrets I don't think it's so much about the se*ual part than the feelings about it.
  22. (Deleted post, I'm so stupid I don't understand how to delete a duplicate post)
  23. Britney off course! Not that *****, she's going down. There's a sertain place in hell for women who doesn't help other women.
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