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Madonna stans "Baby One More Time" and says she loves Britney

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6 minutes ago, RebelMe said:

I remember she mentioning Brit last year. I've never seen Madonna mentioning another singer more than Brit on her life and social media. I truly believe that she likes her fondly. 

Yes, she even wore Britney shirts a few times in the early 00s, she has never done this with any other popstars apart from Kylie Minogue

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5 minutes ago, Mgmgmgmg said:

Madonna mentions Brit in 2015 in this Q&A, at 9:36.

Question: What do you think about a new collaboration with Britney Spears?

Answer: I'm up for it. I'm a big fan of Britney Spears, so we'll see what happens!



OOOOh, i totally forgot about this, my bad

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Britney recently said in her IG about kissing Madonna. And Sam's video "Who's that girl". And Madonna also expressed her love for Britney.
So I think they're trying to show that their relationship is good and this article is false.

OK Magazine Cover 15th March 2021: "Britney's Revenge: 'My turn to talk'!" - Britney Spears - BreatheHeavy | Exhale


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