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Demi Lovato on a slippery slope? “I think I want to try this balance thing in the substance side of my life too.”

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Demi Lovato struggles with substance abuse issues. She's bravely opened up about it in past interviews, including a close-look at her new documentary, Dancing with the Devil. Lovato nearly died a few years ago from an OD, which produced complications in the time since.

I'm no substance abuse expert, however I know first-hand how intoxicating the mentality of "I'm fine now" can be. It's a life-long challenge. Though I'm not a big fan of the "all or nothing" mentality, there are some things in life that do fit into this category imo. Substances like drugs and alcohol are one of them. Your life will be miles better without them, namely if you've struggled in the past. w**d? Fine I suppose. But alcohol? :///// 

Demi's interview in Glamour worries me a lot. Here's a copy + paste excerpt.


The concept of balance has also informed the way she thinks about substances. Lovato says she is done with the stuff that caused her overdose, but telling herself she can never have a drink or smoke a little w**d again is only setting herself up for failure.

She admits to me that taking such a dogmatic view—an “all-or-nothing world,” as she calls it—about sobriety confused her. She was making progress on the eating-disorder front by giving herself permission to eat without shame and felt she could be capable of doing the same with substances.

Lovato turned to her recovery case manager, Charles Cook, for advice. “I called him and was like, ‘Something’s not right. I'm living one side of my life completely legalizing and this other side following a program that’s telling me if I slip up, I’m going to die.’”

Cook asked Lovato what she wanted to do, to which she said, “I think I want to try this balance thing in the substance side of my life too.” Her team was worried, she says. “But they were like, ‘She deserves this opportunity to make that choice for herself.’ So I did.”

That last sentence is paramount: Lovato makes clear both in her documentary, and to me, this is a plan for herself—no one else. She doesn’t want people in recovery to hear her approach and think they should also drink in moderation or smoke a joint. “A one-size-fits-all solution does not work for everybody,” she says.

Cook echoes this sentiment in the doc: “Any path that is right for someone else does not mean that it is an effective, meaningful, safe path for you.”

“What I’m encouraging people to do is just make choices for themselves,” Lovato reiterates during our conversation. “Autonomy, for me, is what changed my life.”


Thoughts, Exhale? Am I just being overly sensitive / worrying for no reason? Does she make valid points? 




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She should be an expert by now. Have they not taught her any psycho education on that topic? That’s the first thing they do in treatment lol.

Some people advocate substance reduction cause all drugs have a thing called a therapeutic window. However, in her case, constant therapy, another outlet to focus on, are all things she should be doing instead. I remember looking at her birth chart once and it’s intense. I feel for her. She has a lot of psychic indicators in her chart but prone to escapist behaviour.

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She's so immature, like a little child who cannot say no to anything she wants, be it food or drugs or applause.

And no Demi, you cannot compare a piece of chocolate cake with a line of c/caine.

I mean, each one of us has their own struggle, I have my own of course, but at least I'm not lying to myself (and the world) by diminishing the bad effects of whatever is making me lose my main objective.

Sometimes I could swear she's trying to make being problematic "cool"....... while being privileged with resources to relapse.

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This is probably one of the most controversial things she has said. 

Everything she is saying makes sense - moderation, people make mistakes, self-control, blah blah blah....but at the end of the day, you have issues with substances and cannot take them.

Every person I know who has struggled with addiction gets to this point where they think they are okay and can safely consume drugs or alcohol and guess what? it's called a relapse. I've lost two friends to drugs and I have a friend who's an alcoholic and he's going through this right now - trying to balance his relapses with this kind of rationale. It's heartbreaking and frustrating. The only happy and successful drug addicts and alcoholics I know are COMPLETELY SOBER. 

Why try so hard to be an exception to this rule? Substances age us, cost us money, are horrible for our health, damage our relationships, make us act/look like ****..........Why make excuses for yourself to be able to do these things after they almost killed you?

my absolute favourite song about addiction (and favourite Eminem song)


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Just one drink today.... or drink tomorrow...then just 2 drinks...okay maybe now 3 drinks...and soon you are back to where you started. It is hard to keep a balance, though I understand where she is coming from.

However, how many times have we all said just one joint or just a couple drinks and that turns out to not be the case. It's hard, she needs to find a way to distract herself or find a new way to have fun or relax.

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The incredible thing is that these crazy statements of hers were just published, and maybe they will even be part of her documentary after all... She still doesn't have anyone filtering her out? Scooter Braun must love having her all drugged up because there's no way that they aren't discussing these things beforehand or that he isn't aware of what she's going to say. He's a manager, he obviously controls her image, and he clearly likes her this way, always problematic and dependent.

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AMEN!!!  The all or nothing abstinence approach only works for SOME people, for the rest of us (myself included), we attempt our own version of "Harm Reduction" bc LIFE ISN'T BLACK AND WHITE NO MATTER WHAT AA TELL YOU!!! Clearly Im informed on this topic lol.  LONG TERM ABSTINENCE ISNT REALISITC FOR A LOT OF US,  SORRY NOT SORRY. I was able to stop smoking w**d BEFORE work after doing it for like a decade and it's been well over 3 years and counting since that stopped, I only smoke AFTER work and weekends.  Also I try to avoid booze during the week and just enjoy weekends yes its a slippery slope but hey fish gotta swim, thank you very much.


Telling someone they cant even smoke w**d ever again is the biggest load of crap i've ever heard, and again, I know this from personal experience! Alcohol is a little different but w**d is fine some of us need it to deal with the ****storm that is everyday life 


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I feel for her. I’ve been in recovery and covid hasn’t been easy for that. I get the feeling that she’s trying to rediscover who she is, since the old way wasn’t working out. However, it’s hard for me to imagine her not being around yes-people and enablers constantly. I don’t think the spotlight is for her, she needs more time to heal. The haircuts and 🏳️‍🌈baiting aren’t working tbh. 

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