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  1. BY FAR THE BEST SONG ON HER NEW ALBUM, in my opinion its one true blue BOP 🎶
  2. OHH THANK GOD! The last 2 were well-intentioned sleepers but this BOPS, or whatever the kids say these days 😝
  3. THANK YOU!! It stands heads and shoulders above the other 2 and was her last truly “successful” album era, as sad as that sounds 🙄
  4. Britney Jean sucks hard and is her only true bad album….Glory was good (esp Make Me) but it bricked so hard I can’t possibly rank it first…FEMME FATALE is a pitch perfect dance pop album, and any album that includes something as euphoric as Till The World Ends get the gold medal in my book! I think it’s her catchiest and best produced album of her career and is pants down my personal favorite of hers 😜😝👏❤️
  5. 2007- Umbrella at MTV Movie Awards 2010-Love the Way you Lie (pt.2)/What's My Name/Only Girl In The World medley at AMAs 2016-Love on the Brain at the Grammys And those are just off the top of my head
  6. AMEN!!! The all or nothing abstinence approach only works for SOME people, for the rest of us (myself included), we attempt our own version of "Harm Reduction" bc LIFE ISN'T BLACK AND WHITE NO MATTER WHAT AA TELL YOU!!! Clearly Im informed on this topic lol. LONG TERM ABSTINENCE ISNT REALISITC FOR A LOT OF US, SORRY NOT SORRY. I was able to stop smoking w**d BEFORE work after doing it for like a decade and it's been well over 3 years and counting since that stopped, I only smoke AFTER work and weekends. Also I try to avoid booze during the week and just enjoy weekends yes its a slippery slope but hey fish gotta swim, thank you very much. Telling someone they cant even smoke w**d ever again is the biggest load of crap i've ever heard, and again, I know this from personal experience! Alcohol is a little different but w**d is fine some of us need it to deal with the ****storm that is everyday life MIC DROP
  7. Ima be sooooooooooooooo pissed if Gaga doesn't even perform a single song from Chromatica, like yes she's filing in Italy but give her a GD weekend off to perform at the grammys
  8. I think her brazen IDGAF aura is the ultimate POWER MOVE, yeah she'll perform but only with as much damn effort as she feels like thank u very much
  9. B Spears was obvs over medicated during this era. Weirdly tho, I found her lack of effort and care to be oddly enticing and mesmerizing, its my favorite album of hers tbh
  10. Femme Fatale was my personal favorite era of hers, and Her lack of visible effort when performing live that year was oddly intriguing and mesmerizing in ways I can't quite explain. It somehow made me love Her even more, She CLEARLY wasn't happy overall about (I'm assuming) the conservatorship and whatever meds they had Her pumped up with during this time, yet She still soldiered on. I kinda admire Her brazen "fine I'll perform and fulfill my contractual obligations but I'll put in as much effort as I feel like it thank you very much, *****" mindset.....FREE BRITNEY YALL!!
  11. they are both stunning AF but I think Harry Styles is the most beautiful human being on Planet Earth, inside and out. I've been in love with him ever since the Spring of 2012 when I first gazed my eyes on him on "What Makes You Beautiful"
  12. Imagine having a 3way with BOTH! Harry would probably be down an I have a sneaking suspicion Shawn would too
  13. JUSTICE FOR CRUEL SUMMER. I still cant believe they slept on that one, it has "multi platinum" written all over it but whatever :(
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