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  1. 🥱🥱 give your coin to the pe** lover with no solo number 1s and a recently flopped album. Like I been saying and you just keep proving me right again and again - stay pressed.
  2. cardi got 2 all by herself and yeah, kim's look. nothing ol' girl did was original or innovative. you just keep clowning yourself. let it go sis. the barbz (or whatever you three queens left who stan her call yourselves these days) are ova. ol' girl got was coming to her. notice how you have nothing to say about the fact you pay your hard earned coin to a ped****e lover and supporter. you a mess and digging this hole deeper hun. but if you wanna chat we can PM?
  3. ***Kim's look you mean. and yes i saw DOJA's #1. where's ol girl's? go venmo some coins to the ped****e supporter! stay pressed babygirl!!!
  4. Repeat after me - she’s old, played out, no number 1s without someone else’s help, disrespectful, boring, a copycat, the list goes on, but no one cares but you. Stay pressed boo!! 🥱🥱🤡🤡
  5. Look how pressed you are defending a fraud and a ped****e supporter 🤡🤡🤡🤡😂😩 she payin your bills sis? You riding her hard! you feel how you feel about Ol Girl. I feel how I feel. She a fraud boo boo. Enjoy your day. 🥱
  6. False. Another delusional barb. You tried it tho. Stream SHETHER! Don’t give your coins to that pe** supporting swagger jacker 🥴🤡
  7. gimme a break. we all know Ol' Girl stole that line from Remy after Remy got locked up. have several seats "barbz". your "queen" is a has been who was a lil kim rip off from jump without even the decency to pay kim her props. https://twitter.com/realremyma/status/6419369950?s=21
  8. i'm actually really feeling this album so far. the aesthetic and the vibe is on point for summer 2021. my body is coming back, the world is coming back...LIFE IS GOING TO BE NORMAL AGAIN!
  9. he doesn't look attractive to me whatsoever here. what happened to him?? too much cutting when he should have bulked.
  10. Can we stop talking about this entitled attention seeking unhealthy girl? Maybe if we starve her out she will go get the help she truly needs instead of recycling her demons every album cycle. I’m DONE!
  11. this is the definition of first world, 1% entitlement. she is done. i'm so over hearing about how she overdosed, got better, overdosed again, got better, magically every time she has an album coming out. it's all so ridiculous and frankly that's the legacy she is leaving behind - people will remember her more for her "issues" than her "Art". gtfo here.
  12. Agreed. ESPECIALLY Twitter. That’s the gutter of social media. And most of the rest is garbagioooo too.
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