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  1. would it make you feel better if I post a picture of all of my NA key tags and AA chips? a photo of myself in active addiction compared to what I look like now? like.. honestly dude. you’re being so ridiculous. I never once dragged her for being an addict- I pointed out her behavior has been erratic lately and it might lead one to believe she’s on her way to relapsing if she isn’t already at that point right now and bull****ting the world bc we LOVE to bull**** the world as addicts.
  2. I AM AN ADDICT IN LONG TERM RECOVERY. I AM NOT DRAGGING HER. what do you not understand about that??????? hahahahaha. I used to be addicted to the same ******* drugs dude. seriously. sit down.
  3. also, as stated before to the other person I quoted initially saying that ****** does not cause brain damage I NEVER WATCHED THE DOCUMENTARY bc I am not going to help fuel that flame and reward someone with $$$$ from views when it is clearly being utilized to sell and make headlines and more coins for that already fat *** wallet of Demi’s - perhaps her overdose is what caused brain damage if you lose oxygen to the brain for long enough it can affect you. but, again... I don’t feed into it. so, I was unaware she stated that’s something she suffered through.
  4. I was stating she does not have brain damage? what is so sickening about that to you??? lol. people that have not suffered through addiction do not quite understand the way it works and that’s okay! just sharing a bit of truth surrounding addiction and the dome piece.. it isn’t wrong or gross or even rude of me to have said what I said - you are getting offended for no reason.
  5. fair! I never watched the documentary bc I do not want to feed the beast. 😶🤭 ****** and m*** do go hand in hand so it isn’t a long shot! a lot of folks use m*** to stay awake for their nods. I just never got to that level in addiction bc m*** scares me.
  6. her brain isn’t damaged from using ******. lolol when you get into recovery your brain heals itself from the damage done during active addiction. the only drug that damages the brain permanently is methamphetamine! fun fact. 🥳 disclaimer: I am in no way consenting getting hooked on drugs by stating this.. just aware bc I am in long term recovery myself and I’ve been to rehab multiple times to get it right. Demi sounds to me like she is teetering on (if not already in) a full blown relapse though.. her behavior is erratic. especially that Froyo incident. LORDT.
  7. I did bc it’s about Demi and more of her attention seeking bull****.
  8. well, I’m fairly certain no one has sold their body for a gram of bud.. and people sure as s h i t sell their bodies for grams of other things. hi hello! it’s me. I used to sell my body for opioids. alcohol lowers your inhibitions and you could one day say yes to something you’d generally say no to.. same reason dates predominantly involve alcohol.. for me, personally, cannabis has never been a problem. when I was in the heat of my addiction I was not even concerned with smoking because it did nothing for my addiction.. it didn’t serve me. today in life it has helped me maintain great distance from my past self and for that I am grateful. everyone’s recovery is just that- their own.. no one’s story is the same, nor is their recovery! I believe Demi is on a slippery slope due to her relationship with alcohol she refuses to give up. but, only time will tell.. I wish her luck but her behavior on the internet doesn’t provide me with much hope for her future.
  9. I am in long term recovery from a benzo and opioid addiction and I smoke cannabis still. I do not agree with her alcohol consumption.. but I do believe cannabis can be utilized for medicinal purposes as I’ve reached my longest stint of abstinence from harmful drugs and alcohol *FIVE WHOLE YEARS* major milestone- and I smoke/use edibles regularly.
  10. alcohol is a drug (period) ..cannabis on the other hand can be considered medicinal for some people.
  11. celebs and influencers are getting paid to post about getting vaccinated.. it’s a way to control the masses. I wonder often times if they’re actually being honest or if it’s all just for show and for the paycheck. I personally do not trust this experimental vaccine and it makes me even more skeptical to know that there are paychecks surrounding it. if you don’t know then now you know - I used to follow an influencer that was very much against the mask mandate and she shared a letter the governor of her state sent about how they would make a certain amount off of each post they made regarding masks and influencing their followers to wear them. same sitch with the shots... I do not trust the government.
  12. I am in long term recovery myself from benzo/opioid addiction - I still smoke w**d but I do not drink.. in my experience and meeting people in and out of recovery often times when folks “go back out” and start drinking again it lowers their inhibitions and they eventually say yes to something they should have said no to and then you progressively say yes to more and more things until you are back to square one.. it only took me about (tbh less than) six months into 21 to start doing blow regularly and then I was back on prescription pills like it was nothing and then by 24 I was addicted to ******. I’d most certainly call this a slippery slope.. hopefully she snaps out of it before it’s too late. I stand by cannabis being medicinal though- and the “one size doesn’t fit all” statement can apply to that bc I have seen folks not be able to *only* smoke. everyone’s path is different. “the idea that somehow, someday, he will control and enjoy his drinking is the great obsession of every abnormal drinker. the persistence of this illusion is astonishing. many pursue it into the gates of insanity or death.”
  13. I stated above I haven’t heard anything ab this because I do not watch the news, lolol. so no, I definitely cannot point out where they are hearing this but I just said they have to be hearing it somewhere bc who the **** makes something like that up out of the blue and for what reason? it makes no sense to me... but, the internet sometimes makes no sense. often times... haha. I am sure that people spread disinformation and misinformation on Facebook, that is why I am also not there... thanks for giving me a chance to hear your perspective! I see what you mean a little better now and I wouldn’t have been able to understand if you hadn’t responded. I support whoever feels it will give them a better quality of life to transition, wholeheartedly.. it is unfortunate people spread lies to make things seem like something they are not.. but alas, here we are..
  14. they clearly heard it somewhere - probably the news.. the media perpetuates mis/disinformation. I do not think the people agreeing are transphobic.. seems to me like anyone that has a differing opinion is deemed immediately as such and that isn’t fair. if this isn’t true then why would anyone be upset that people are not on board?
  15. oh wait I read the tweet as if it were her tweeting? is her writing in the red? she didn’t tweet that, huh? it was someone else.. I truly believe that whoever tweeted that wasn’t being hateful! America has always been *** backwards.. like MAT and putting ****** addicts on suboxone and methadone.. trading a drug for a drug. all about a dolla. $$$$$ no concern for the individuals suffering.
  16. didn’t she do the lipgloss song? I don’t think I’ve heard anything else from her tbh.. I don’t think this rant was transphobic though, personally. seems to me like she is just trying to make it all make sense.. I don’t think she was being hateful by saying these things. I don’t even know what she’s referring to bc I do not keep up with the news or politics - I do know that I have a transgender nephew and he had to go through a lot of therapy before getting on T and he’s also like 22 now.. I can see folks changing their mind if they decide that early in life to transition- seems like it’s something you should let marinate for a while before you decide all systems go! that’s not transphobia.. she could have been way nastier. there are a lot of nasty *** people out there talking nonsense..
  17. fair. I’ve seen a couple people say he in reference to SZA in this thread. lolol. she’s actually got some really good music! neither of them are the next Britney tho.
  18. why do people keep calling SZA “he” ...? I am confused. SZA is a female artist.
  19. no thanks! reminds me of Zenon tho! which is cool in theory but I would be too spooked to do something like this.. lol. I am all the way good on a space hotel.
  20. isn’t Ok! magazine fake? like... that’s always the magazine I grew up seeing at the grocery store and my mom would always buy People or Us weekly bc Ok magazine was a bunch of garbage.. one of the more sleazy tabloids.. also, can we reflect on all of the cover stories they’ve had of Britney prior to this: this one in particular... idk ab you all but I say **** Ok! okurrr? granted People and Us weekly shared some extremely ****ed up **** ab Britney in the past too.. I do not trust any of them personally. 😪
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