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Lynne Spears claims Britney's relationship with Jamie is toxic and she believes it is time to start fresh

Message added by Jordan Miller,

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2 hours ago, PuertoRicosFinest said:

But at the time of her breakdown, if you followed the headlines on Perez Hilton, you could see Britney couldn’t be in control of herself.  She was crying on the street literally on the curb in front of 30 paparazzi.

there’s a context to that scene, buddy.

She had an argument with Osama inside her car. She was clearly emotionally shaken then and getting in to a fight with who she probably considered her only friend overwhelmed her. She left her car and started walking home, and bam: dozens of paparazzi flashing their cameras at her, capturing every moment of her misery and sadness.

It’s not like she was crazy girl roaming the streets of LA, lost. She was trying to clear her head, and not even in her gated community she could get it.

And pls, let’s not address the ***ist Perez. He’s someone who clearly rejoiced in her (and many other females) despair. He was one of the hardest critics, even in her most sensitive state.

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2 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

Hmmm, except we don't delete comments on Exhale unless they overtly break the rules. I want to make it clear once again you and everyone is allowed to state their opinion. If you dislike Lynne and think she's a bad mom, fine. But me being accused of being disingenuous cause I want a kinder Exhale is something I kind of chuckle at.

I also find it a little odd that we are going to show Lynne hate when she's trying to help Britney. It's important we don't hold peoples' pasts against them for life. It's unfair. She made mistakes, yes, but at least in the present moment she's showing up for her daughter. That needs to be recognized a little more on Exhale imo.  

I completely understand your goal to keep this forum a positive place, Jordan... I really do.

But there’s a difference in hating and criticizing. I don’t hate on Lynne. Heck, how could I hate someone I don’t even know?! But she ain’t getting no standing ovation from me. 

As you said, Lynne made mistakes in the past, and so did everyone else, including Britney herself, let’s not be delusional in here. But why, some 13 years later, is Britney the only one still paying? Everyone else seemed to learn, grow and move one, but the one who actually worked her *** off to give her whole family a better life.

If anything was wrong about Britney’s situation (either legal or health-related), and everything so far indicates so, she as parent should be the first one to fight against it and make things right by her daughter, not  sit by and watch, having strangers take action before herself to care for her own daughter’s well being.

Didn’t she ever take an interest in knowing what her own kid’s medical situation was? Didn’t Britney ever voice it out loud to her that she was not happy with the situation? Didn’t she ever witness the blatant moral abuse going around, having Britney’s children used as leverage to keep her complacent?

Whatever she’s doing right know is just damage control, she never acted to prevent any actual damage happening. So no “parent of the year” award for doing nothing less than her job as a parent.

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5 hours ago, Bundy said:

Jordan, I didnt mean u were deleting comments of people criticizing Lynne. I only compared exhale to lawyers for Britney's instagram bc they were also defending Lynne and bc u closed a thread that was criticizing Jeff. 

Listen, I dont have any reason to have anything against u or exhale whatsoever, and this is ur site and no one should tell u how to rule ur business. U do u and if we agree, we stay, simple as that. I appreciate ur positivity bc I assume the last thing u want is exhale to going back where it was a few years ago. I remember the trolls that were here and it became unbearable, there wasnt a single thread that they wouldnt come to bash current Britney. I dont think ure disingenuous and I already said before, I applaud u for questioning the cship back in 2009 when other fans/website owners were distracted by Circus' success and the false promise Britney was thriving in every aspect of her life. U was threatned by Jamie bc of that and u still did stand behind ur beliefs - that there were right all along. 

I never broke the rules so I will keep criticizing Lynne and the whole family who I think are shady. 

I dont hate Lynne tbh, I just dont trust her. I dont think she really cares or is doing anything to really help Britney, I think shes trying to save her face and playing both sides, this is of course my opinion. She defended JL for much less. 

The thing is some people think she has to be praised for doing barely anything after +12 years of doing nothing and getting money from the cship while she lived far away from Britney and was hanging out with Jamie. 

I just dont buy her act, I think shes pro cship and Jamie is being the scapegoat in case he gets kicked out. They were all - and still are - complicit to Jamies **** for too long. 

I still dont think shes doing enough or anything that will have an actual impact on the case in Britneys favor. If she filed the cship to end or stated "Britney isnt crazy, this cship has to end" publicly or showed smt on court to help Britney, Id be the first to say "at least Lynne is really doing smt now!!!!", but sadly thats not the case. 

I appreciate your reply a lot. Thank you for the way you worded it. 🙏

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Thank you @Puppy and @ElenaBfor taking the time to answer back, very appreciated.

Regarding Lynne, for how she has been treated, it amazes me she even hangs out with that dude (Jamie). It just goes to show how low her self-esteem and boundaries are. 


And about all the controversy if Lynne is awful or not, if Sam (Lufti) is awful as well, I think this is so muddy and so many nasty interests have been mixed up that, we don't really know these ins and outs, so maybe trying to keep the head cold is the best way to go in terms of judging this whole mess (and keeping in mind that personal attacks won't change the real issue here). I have to say that, personally, Lufti on the surface, seems to make a lot of sense when he speaks. He brings up pretty valid points, that time has proven true. But at the same time, nobody really knows if he was an enabler, if he was truly a friend. We don't know. All we know for sure is: Britney Spears has been held legally captive and stripped from basic freedoms for 12 years. Who is who in this disgusting game is yet to be seen (except for few exceptions). I mean, let's never forget, appearence is quite deceiving. 

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