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Kim Kardashian gives interview about her fight with Kourtney


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Like the fans said. She was part of the 170 Million contract renewal. The sisters have a right to be mad. She's making the money but not the effort in doing her terms.


I did love the shade Khloe threw at Kris.


Kris reminded the girls This was her creation. She can end it when she wants to.


Khloe said. You might have created it. But you are definitely not the reason why the show is a hit. Without the three of US. The show wouldn't exist. 


Reasons why Kylie and Kendall have minimal appearances is they are Jenners and they are not part of the contract extension.

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Wow. I’ve tried to watch this show like 3 times ever. I couldn’t stand it. Kourtney was the only one I kind of liked... and it’s been about 10 years since I attempted to watch it. But watching these clips... I just don’t understand how anyone could have ever sided with Kim over Taylor. She obviously LIVES for drama. She says something to Kylie(?) or Kendall?.... I don’t know them apart where she start to say “kourtney and I- I mean chloe and I” and then later when whichever one it is asks why Kim and Kylie are fighting she repeats the same thing, saying “kourtney and I- I mean chloe and I” obviously to instigate more and start more drama. Maybe it’s scripted, but either way,, that’s how she wants to be presented to the world. She’s trash. Either way it seems like they’re FINALLY starting to fade out a little bit, hopefully it continues. 


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Ok so the show is hopefully ending because it's time has come and gone. Khloe use to be my favorite and she has turned into a mini-Kim and super unlikable. Kourtney was the most down to earth and one I liked the best, and I stopped watching years ago. They have no respect for Kris who literally gave them their careers (and Kim, but her ego is SO huge. She can ROT.)

Cancel the show, it's so old at this point. The fight also seems kinda staged.

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