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  1. Would love the acapella to finally leak, same with Lucky, Stronger and Born To Make You Happy so we finally could have some good remixes.
  2. BTMYH looks bad. They're just bad upscales, most probably done with some 480 videos. Close ups do not look really sharp and the scenes where she's far from camera are blurry.
  3. This is a 1999 pirate CD, the remix was online years ago, it's fanmade, like an extended version of BOMT. "New Down" is a mystery. There was also another CD similar to that that included a remix of Deep In My Heart and Sometimes. I saw this CD for sale recenty in Poland, but can't bother to waste 10 dollars.
  4. I think the writer of the song is giving himself way too much praise. I assume that it may have been wanted by Celine's husband as they usually but did campaign for songs for each album and it would fit onto her A New Day album or perhaps her Miracle album. But Celine demands the writers to give her publishing otherwise she won't record a song. I doubt Britney would record it in 2001. It didn't suit her sound. Perhaps they assumed that Jive wanted it for Britney but they had a different artist planned to record it.
  5. The third album still sold 1.88 million units in its first week worldwide.
  6. The thing is, all of her albums since 2001 are over-produced to some extent. Her vocals been especially over-produced since then and it got worse over time. For the first two albums they bothered to actually give her time to record and actually used those raw-ish tracks. Then in 2001 her voice became sounding thinner and they probably paid more attention to getting ger to sound a certain way. Blackout was the first time they used demo vocals and simply edited and tuned them to sound "perfect" which made her sound robotic and over-processed. It is only on Glory that she somehow managed to sound human but at the same time when you listen to all the multitracks, her vocals are also very over-processed with lots of reverb and layers.
  7. Back in 2000 it was considered "s shame" to be a male and a Britney fan. She was like the Spice Girls - "not for teenagers", 'not cool" up until 2003 happened. She was in Bravo, Popcorn and other teen mags weekly. I think she was one of their selling points. Posters were a thing. Teens these days won't know the devotion it took to buy all the mags and collect clippings etc. There was some cover-up when pictures of her drunk and smoking cigs appeared in press back in late 2000. "Sometimes" was basically released a year after "BOMT" was served to radios. Now that's an impact of a first single.
  8. So we are missing the demo recordings of: 1. Nothing Less Than Real 2. Wishing On A Falling Star 3. Sweet Kisses 4. Final Heartbreak 5. I'll Leave It Up To You 6. If You Could See Me Now 7. You Got It All (Full Force production) 8. Love The Hurt Away (Full Force production) 9. Love The Hurt Away with Dong Philip 10. Let Me Take You There 11. Today (pre-album demo) 12. I Have Nothing (pre-album demo) But did anyone ever tried to get any information about the album Britney was recording in 1994? We have the photoshoot, but we have no knowledge about what style it was meant to be? -- This is what Dong Philip was saying in an interview in 2000. If he recorded about 60 songs then Britney, being Jive's priority, must have recorded around that number too. Have you ever played big shows in the past? Well, Im going to join the last leg of the Britney tour this summer and Ive never played crowds that big. Im not nervous, but I know I have to really put on a good show. So the people in the back get their moneys worth. (laughs) There is a lot of people to appease. Is the music something you write or is it brought in? How is it done? It is a little bit of both. What we want is the best songs we can get. Jive is very particular about the songs that go on the album. Most record labels today are concerned about one or two singles and the rest is fillers. Jive is about a real quality album. Ive actually been signed for over a year and a half and Ive probably recorded sixty songs. I always say that if I die Im going out like Tupac, because Jive will have enough songs to release four cds on me. We really picked and chose the best songs. We have a real quality album.
  9. Magic Carillon and Never Loved By You were made up by me about 15 years ago and people still take that seriously.
  10. The song itself is like 30 seconds longer than the album version.
  11. Jive practiced similar promotion strategies with Samantha Fox in the 1980s and early 1990s. Even the change of sound is similar. Also, Boys video is def inspired by Fox's Hurt Me video.
  12. Too bad they won't bother releasing the Christmas album she recorded in 1999/2000. Since they have it demo'ed they can easily mix it and release.
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