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Britney Reportedly Returning To The Spotlight Soon

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ET has a new story on the status of Jamie and Britney’s hiatus. In it, it states that Jamie is improving and Britney is eager to be back in the spotlight and back on stage, as soon as Jamie is 100% healthy. The story will be on TV tomorrow as well...looks like Team B is starting to frame her return!!! Hopefully with the return of the show, the release will be less messy and they will tie in new music to promote :) 


A source tells ET that "Britney loves her career and her fans, so the decision to step away from her career wasn't easy, but she just wanted to be there for her dad, as he's always been there for her.”


"She feels she owes him her life because he was there for her during her darkest hours," the source continues. "She is doing really well despite the circumstances and definitely plans to return to performing once she knows her father is in the clear. He still has a lot of recovering to do but really is doing much better.”


"The time away has been good for her.  She is doing well and her father gets stronger every day," the source details. "This health crisis and break from her career has only brought their family even closer together."


"Over the last two years, she has spent any moment not working with her boys and they are thriving both academically and socially. For the most part, she has kept them out of the limelight and they are great, well-adjusted kids," the source shares. "She is a homebody these days. She has a very tight-knit circle of friends and doesn't go out and socialize very much.”


“Her boyfriend, Sam, has been there for Britney and her family through this difficult time. After what Britney has been through in her past relationships, it's taken the family a great deal of time to trust any man, and the family has really taken to Sam," the source says, adding, "Britney will never regret taking this time off to focus on her father and her family and she's looking forward to returning to the stage and doing what she loves most.”


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1 minute ago, Lilith said:

Funny how they had this anouncement timed so conveniently  :cackling: her abomination show was supposed to start tomorrow :cackling:

so many people were asking for updates and when she will back blah blah blah 

now that shes given an answer people are saying its conveniently planned

does she ever win


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Don’t get me wrong but after 1 month her team decides that she is already in the mood to be back working?

For me sounds more like she just needed a reason to cancel the residency and start to begin an era in the proper way.

I don’t like to describe the fact that her dad was ill as an excuse, but 1 month it’s really soon to build an “insider note” like that. 


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13 minutes ago, Lilith said:

Funny how they had this anouncement timed so conveniently  :cackling: her abomination show was supposed to start tomorrow :cackling:

Omg  imagine if they had never scrapped it, we'd have a new show tomorrow and something to talk about for the next days :yasqueen: 

I'm so thirsty for something new

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I still cant help but think that tomorrow night we would've had opening night for Domination and in 5 months i would been seeing her on my birthday :yasqueen:

Im literally so excited reading this omg, even though it doesn't say when I'm hoping within in 2-3 months or sooner  :omg:

Lets hope some of the dates remain the same so i can still see her for my bday (even tho im sure they wont be) 

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1 minute ago, Lemon Drop said:

Expect the unexpected sis (not always tho, specially when it comes to Britney) :queenflopga:

Well, it’s not like I was having a meltdown either way, I’m just always patiently awaiting new music. :tbh:

But during Britney’s performances the past year or so, she’s given me the impression that she really needs a real break, and I still think that would be very healthy for her. 

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