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Mandela effect... britney edition


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2 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

Not mine, but I've seen a lot in other people, is that BOMT and OIDIA are the same thing. Like many associate the schoolgirl outfit with Oops, or the phrase "I'm not that innocent" or if they do know they're two different things, they believe they are from the same album.

Other people, including fans, think that either Crazy was the second single, or that Sometimes is the track no. 2 on the BOMT album. Similarly, some people think Stronger was the second single.

I've seen lately as well, many people thinking Ooh La La came out after Britney Jean. Another thing is believing Lace and Leather is from Femme Fatale album, or that it was performed at the Circus Tour.


Mine, I really can't think of something right now, but I sometimes forget the gap that was from Boys being released (2002) and MATM (2003). For some reason I usually think of both coming out the same year, until I do the math.

when i was younger I thought Crazy and Stronger were the second singles...for some reason it just made "more sense" (i.e., uptempo/better songs)...tbh I still have to exert some control nowadays to remember that Sometimes and Lucky are the second singles 

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17 minutes ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

I’ve read that some people swear that she did not originally wear those stick on jems during the 2001 VMAs. 


I really hope thst one day I don’t wake up and the “...” from BOMT was Mandela Effected. It’s too iconic.  :tiffanycries:

Ya I don't remember those either.

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With the getting Baby and Oops confused thing, and thinking they're on the same album, I think it's because she still had light brown all the way up until Oops, and then only went Blonde for Lucky and Stronger, which make them feel like a totally different era.


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Thinking further, I remember there was a time, during the FF era, that looking back I swore Mannequin was from Blackout, and when I realized around 2012 that it was from Circus, I kinda felt that I couldn't trust in anything ever again. :beynah:



Not Britney related, but Britney always reminds me of Pokémon, so, I must confess there was a time I kinda disconnected from Pokémon, after Gen II. I went back to it right when Gen III was coming to an end. I was barely starting to use the Internet and stuff, so I didn't have access to all the info, and I only remembered Gen I Pokémon and a few Pokémon from Gen II before I bought a guide with the full Pokédex.

So anyway, there's a Pokémon Togepi, that evolves into Togetic. I remebered that bit, but I swore there was a third one, that is, I thought Togetic evolved into something else. But to my surprise, when I bought the guide I discovered there was no further evolution :hideous:. A couple of years later when Gen IV arrived, they introduced Togekiss, Togetic's evolution, and I was like "OMG, I remembered it even before it existed!! :airpls:" so that's my Pokémon Mandela effect turned true. Well, maybe it's not Mandela effect but just a case of false memory, but you are the experts, not me :whatitellu:


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2 hours ago, Inuyasha said:

Back then I could have SWORN I saw a video of her performing Bombastic Love on DWAD and I was so shocked to find out that she never did:disappointed:

I remember some people thinking she performed Can't Make You Love Me during the OIDIA tour. I guess it's possible you, and they, could've seen fanmade videos with those songs overlapped onto actual performances from the respective tours. :yaknow:

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4 hours ago, Miss_R said:

I remember too that it was (Hit Me) Baby One More Time :weirdmeout:


I very vividly remember the song being called 'Hit me baby one more time' too! I would blame it on age, I was quite young when the song was released, but I actually remember having a Britney documentary on in the background several years ago while doing yoga where they talked about how controversial this title was. Between her "overtly ******" look in the video and the title, they were claiming she was promoting "lolita domestic abuse". I remember that quite vividly because I believe it was the first time I ever rolled my eyes during yoga....but they went on to add that the name was changed to "BOMT..." due to the uproar of the inclusion of "hit me". :ohdear:

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