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  1. As a french speaker I can tell you that the specific words around the different cuts are quite.... interesting
  2. Rule number one, whenever TMZ post something about Britney it's her team doing some damage control Their like team CON PR team in disguise, but guys try at least to tone it down a bit cause at this point it can't be more obvious
  3. I'm pretty sure it's units rather than pure sales
  4. The instrumental sounds like a I like it rip off
  5. I know it might sound like some conspiracy theory (but our skinny as needle queen likes them so... ) but as you may know they're probably reviewing right now, after the may hearing, everything related to her cship What if they actually granted her more freedom, to show what she would look like out of it As everybody is pointing it even here on Exhell which is, to say the very least, not the place where the nicest comments are made about her the paps pictures from yesterday where well received, so why is she making a big deal out of it ? Maybe because they selected specific messages to show to somebody that has been globally blinded from what people say about her for the last 10 years, and then be like "hey you free right now, if you wanna address it, you can". And also I know some of you may think she's happy around him, but I'm not buying Sam being that great loving boyfriend, he s so obsessed with fitness, she started flooding our insta with workouts video around the time he became her boyfriend. And what a supportive boyfriend should say "it s ok you look wonderful on those pictures anyway" or "oH yEAh ClOcK dEm mY LioNeSS, u nOt a faTtY liKe thE edItEd pICs thEy tOOK oF yOu" Then they could argue and be like "oh look, she was a mess on her social media when we gave her access to it, it just didn't work, let's keep the cship indefinetly going and let's not even question it again to avoid another freebritney mess" That sounds like an evil plan, I know, but hey you know who we're talkin bout
  6. I'm getting tired of "her" daily instagram posts tbh
  7. Ikrrrr, maybe the idea of getting out of the cship grow into her thanks to that taste of freedom and Jamie came back to keep her under control
  8. Damn when we think about it it's seems like everything make a sense now Ok so let me explain my point of view Since cship Britney kept going from another relationship to another, stayin at max a few months single (I know more than a year happened between Charlie and Hesam, but I'll come to that point at the end) We all thought it was because of her, that she wasn't feeling good without a man in her life Buuuuuut, before the cship it wasn't that way, she had plenty singleney moments, that lasted for more than a month of two, so it seems like it ain't her thing, she's not the "my life is empty without a bf" kind of a girl Since c-ship she only had one period where she was single for some time, it was in 2015-2016, around POM 2.0/Glory, you know what we call Primeney 2.0 It's funny because at the time it seemed like Bryan was in charge of her, kinda taking over Jamie, and he was seemingly giving her more freedom (at some point it felt like she wasn't even under cship anymore) For some obscur reasons Jamie came back to light and theeeeeen, and things went downhill, she met Sam etc. Just compare the beggining of 2016 where she was posting all those videos on insta (obvsly on her initiative), doing her own choreos, choosing songs for her show (BOM, TOMH it was clearly her as well) and stuff with the rest of the year, post Sam(Jamie comeback). It's like night and day
  9. Some tea about Courtney Love She was the first one who publicly talked about Harvey Weinstein's behaviour in 2005 more than 10 years before the whole #metoo movement Back then people labeled her as crazy and she was banned from everywhere Now she s exposing Loucifer, can't you see some similarities between the two stories
  10. Well out of all the last candids/insta videos we never got to see her smiling, not even a glimpse of it So yeah.... it is concerning
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