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  1. Lets play pretend, shall we? i made this edit/remix of what BTI wouldve sounded like, if to promote POM Britney would have gone to the tonight show and performed it, hope you enjoy it!
  2. I really don't know a more entitled and selfish fanbase than this one lol
  3. The difference between Beyonce and Britney is that beyonce has a fanbase that actually support her and her art above chart positions. Meanwhile Britney stans are ready to throw stones at her when her songs charts poorly, when she goes out looking less than perfect, etcs...
  4. i'd say it'd both-ish, focusing a character on the front and bluring the rest is a camera lens technique, harpening some parts of somebody's face and bluring other parts can only be done by computer editing. Just saying
  5. yeah on music videos there is controled lights and airbrushing. Nobody talks about it but primeney face was edited as hell back then. I mean look how sharp her eyes and lips are and the rest is really blured.
  6. can we talk about how Sam is freaking HOT on these candids
  7. I mean... buckle up exhale, cause it's gonna be a crazy ride We ain't gonna have peace in this fandom for a long time again Maybe we really don't deserve peace I'm excited thou
  8. it might even be 'i'm free' because she left the mental health place, nothing big. But i'm so happy for her
  9. thank god Gaga released this song and did it justice. But i'd love if britney perform it one day...
  10. This MJ dance video is from March, i think preston was the one recording (not lynne like some people were saying) So this video was not Britney's response to Larry's claims, they were damage control from her team And i am pretty sure this pic (where she looks f**king perfect) is from this day, because of the lighting, the light makeup and the fact that back in the day this pics were taken, her teeth weren't crooked yet
  11. She looks the best since 2004? oh my god... (but this pic isn't new i am pretty sure, unless she fixed her teeth)
  12. that's when you know it is a good song, when it's meaning lives on adapting to different times in our lives
  13. Domination would be f**king dope and it didn't happened because God knew the gays were not deserving it
  14. I just wouldn't wish the kids close to all this chaos, not only because of britney, but she needs to stay focused on this important moment on her life so she can be free and mentally healthy. Calm your ***, i know you're worried. But you don't have proof of anything you just said, nobody here can be 100% sure about what's happening. The kids has nothing to do with all this chaos, they're better off with their father for while, which for as much as i know, they really like KFed or never had a problem with him. I'm only explaining myself to you cause i know you're worried, but i also didn't say britney was a threat to the kids, just the whole exausting situation. I do believe Britney isn't mentally well right now, either by stress, bad handling of meds or etc.
  15. is it really creepy for a cousin to be your love interest?
  16. Tbh he said the most reasonable and right thing to say at this moment. Not gonna be angry with him for no reason.
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