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Britney should retire!


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If she wanna keep POM shows going, she needs to retire. :ineedthetruth:

she needs to get over POM.

POM is so boring. Britney can not even dance. She does not sing live. Her shows are not that entertaining any more. i do not even watch POM videos because they are painful to watch. Even taylor swift dances better than britney at this point.

instead of destroying her own legacy, she should just stop it if she can not even learn decent dance moves or prepare more entertaining shows. Whats the point of taking POM to europe? what is she promoting? her new music? nope. her upcoming world tour? nope. it does not make any sense. its not like that she is an amazing performer that will make everyone go "wow" when they see POM. :wyd: People will not even go to her next world tour, if she does one, when they see her POM shows. Its hurting her career.

i just stan for the Britney of pre-2007. thats the only reason im still a fan of hers. if she was a new artist with current performing skills, i would consider her as a joke.

i wonder if britney is aware of that she turned into a joke in the industry. :wyd:

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I agree she needs a new team, but we have to remember that she doesn't really have control of that as long as she's under the c-ship. I think all career decisions ultimately goes through her father, if I'm not mistaken?

Anyway, to the OP: I think you're being a bit overly dramatic too soon. I understand you don't like POM and don't want it to continue, but we honestly don't know what's going to happen between now and the only date we have set so far (Summer 2018), which is plenty of time to come up with an entirely different show, concept, etc.. Also, you also have to remember that everyone in the world does not go into this forum and watch clips of the shows every night she performs and nit picks every detail of her show; I'm sure casual fans and non-fans will still be entertained and enjoy a night out at her show if they decide to go. The fact that you've been seeing clips of the show for 4 years probably makes you think it's cheap, but the production of the show and actually being there is a whole different energy/experience. 

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7 minutes ago, puppylo16 said:

No she needs to get rid of her team. It’s them that’s ruining everything. 

britney can just say "no". so its up to her, too. 

so is her team holding her back from dancing good or singing live? dont think so. its britney. she is lazy. she is happy as long as the money goes into her account by just walking on the stage. the songs are not even pre recorded. she is signing over her songs she recorded when she was 17 yo. and she is 36 yo now. she is lazy.

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2 minutes ago, 3Pney said:

britney can just say "no". so its up to her, too. 

so is her team holding her back from dancing good or singing live? dont think so. its britney. she is lazy. she is happy as long as the money goes into her account by just walking on the stage. the songs are not even pre recorded. she is signing over her songs she recorded when she was 17 yo. and she is 36 yo now. she is lazy.

Ok, try saying "no" to your boss when he/she asks you to do something. Or try not showing up to work when you don't want to come in and see how all of that works for you. 

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16 minutes ago, 3Pney said:

Britney can not even dance.

Retiring at 36? that would be even more embarrassing that what she's doing now. :tiffcackle:

She obviously can still dance tho, people don't just lose this kinda talent. Last year: 



She's lazy af, doesn't mean she CAN'T dance. Why would she retire anyway? She's making money. :imok:



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Even tho she is 36... she just isnt popular anymore and her image is worn out... i honestly think retiring is best for her.   Her newer music just doesnt have that impact like it use too... unless she reinvents herself...she needs to save her legacy and just do greatest hits.. its the honest truth 

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I’ll be the first one to admit I’ve been so frustrated lately.. but guys, if we gonna keep stanning Brit we need to see the difference between something or nothing. The career we want isn’t coming back so we can either take what is happening or be pressed that it’s not. There’s no point being annoyed about something we’re never gonna get. 

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Who are you to tell her what she should do? I get you’re frustrated but just face it she’s never going to be what she once was. It’s looking like this is it and she’ll milk it until no one cares and she’s comfortable with the current situation. People are still stanning and buying tickets. I just don’t see the hunger and drive from her to be on the top and that’s cool. If she’s going to kill her legacy that’s all on her. She’s still going to retire or fade away with her money and her kids.

as a fan it’s bothersome, but when you look at the bigger picture girl has gone through hell and back so she definitely has the right to do what she wants with her career. All I really ask is a little consideration from her that people are paying to see her show, so she should give the people a decent show with energy when she does it.

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The hypocrisy on this forum is astounding. “Fans” want her to retire or take a year or two off, but when she is inactive they get bored and trash talk her for not doing anything and being a spoiled celebrity that only cares about her family. 

Yet when she is doing something, if it’s not exactly what whatever exhale fantasizes over, they trash talk again.

SHE doesn’t need to retire, you dramatic types do. Go stan for one of those fame-seeking pop stars, Britney isn’t going through that bullshit again.

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That's pretty lame, but hey, I don't expect **** from her. She's still young, but she has that privilege pass to half ***. It's whatever now days, I feel about her, the same way she feels about her career that's she's milking, and ruining with every move she makes, oh well gal. :imok: (This is what she constantly does to her Optimistic fans)

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You should be the one retiring from being a fan :lemmetellu:. If you didn't retire after Blackout, why is this so bothering to you? :beynah: And you have all the rights to feel the way you feel, just go away; there are still plenty of fans that are here for this. I always say it, all of you that are so upset, just forget about Britney, don't worry about her "ruining her legacy". None of that will erase the videos from YT, or her albums pre-2007, ya'll can keep enjoying all that till the end of your days without having to check anything Britney does or doesn't do these days. No one is forcing you to stay.

You can be sure that if a miracle happens in the future and she finally releases a single, a video, an album, a performance that is up to your standards, you'll get to know about it, and you will be able to jump on the bandwagon again without feeling ashamed or something. Just let it go, don't be afraid. :howiroll:

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