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  1. Britney Spears Pop Supreme: blackout, in the zone Greatness: oops i did it again Just Right: glory Mixed Bag: britney, circus, femme fatale Underwhelming: baby one more time Shelf It: britney jean Mariah Carey Pop Supreme: daydream, butterfly Greatness: memoirs of an imperfect angel, the emancipation of mimi, caution Just Right: mariah carey, rainbow, e=mc², the elusive chanteuse Mixed Bag: emotions, music box, glitter Underwhelming: charmbracelet Lana del Rey Pop Supreme: norman ******* rockwell, chemtrails over the country club Greatness: ultraviolence Just Right: honeymoon, lust for life, paradise Mixed Bag: born to die Underwhelming: lana del ray a.k.a. lizzy grant Gaga Pop Supreme: the fame monster Greatness: born this way, chromatica Just Right: the fame, joanne Mixed Bag: ARTPOP Ariana Grande Pop Supreme: thank u, next Greatness: yours truly, sweetener Just Right: dangerous woman Mixed Bag: Positions Underwhelming: my everything Madonna Pop Supreme: ike a prayer, bedtime stories, ray of light Greatness: madonna, like a virgin, music, confessions on a dancefloor Just Right: true blue Mixed Bag: erotica,MDNA Underwhelming: american life. hard candy, madame X Shelf it: rebel heart The Beatles Pop Supreme: rubber soul, revolver, sgt. pepper's, white album, abbey road Greatness: please please me, a hard day's night, help!, magical mystery tour Just Right: with the beatles, let it be Mixed Bag: beatles for sale, yellow submarine
  2. Another thing that I think it's really weird, is that back when she was performing, her posts showed the cute and goofy side of her, and everyone said they loved Britney's instagram. But since the Free Britney movement, the posts are weird and criticized by everyone in the internet. They are obviously trying to make her seem crazy, so people think she doesn't deserve her freedom.
  3. We can only trust what she says once she's out of the conservatorship, cause obviously she can't really talk about it. Also, do you REALLY think she would be explaining herself to people? she doesn't care what people think. So, or they made her say these things to TMZ, or she didn't say this at all and it was her team. Even in the "For the Record" documentary, she said she shaved her head cause it was a way to rebel herself and feel free, and they asked "why didn't you tell anyone that was what you were doing?" and she said "I don't think it was anyone's business really". She doesn't care.
  4. If she writes her posts now, she wrote them back in the day cause it's always been the same kinds of posts. So I really don't think she does.
  5. 1. When she used to write on her website to her fans back in the day, she never talked like this!!!!! *emojis* 2. In her instagram posts, "she" is always trying to convince people that she took a video/picture that week or saying it's old or something, obviously she wouldn't explain herself to people on the internet, she really doesn't care about people's opinions. 3. She makes weird videos answering to questions no one asked in the comments, so obviously she doesn't see them. 4. Isn't TMZ on her father's side?
  6. All time: baby one more time what u see (is what u get) i’m a slave 4 u toxic break the ice mannequin hold it against me none mood ring Currently: baby one more time when your eyes say it before the goodbye early mornin’ perfect lover unusual you how I roll none if I’m dancing
  7. True. She made the best out of the probably worst time in her life. The album is timeless and was ahead of it's time, even the critics couldn't handle it.
  8. For me the best is definitely Blackout. Her most cohesive album, the production is amazing, there's not one bad song in it (except for everybody but that's a bonus track), critics say it isn't "personal", who cares? I feel like a bad b***h listening to it.
  9. Close my eyes by Mariah “i was wayward child with the weight of the world that i held deep inside life was a winding road and i learned many things little ones shouldn't know “funny how one can learn to grow numb to the madness and block it away” Petals by Mariah “I've often wondered if there's ever been a perfect family I've always longed for undividedness and sought stability A flower taught me how to pray But as I grew, that flower changed She started flaying in the wind Like golden petals scattering And I miss you dandelion And even love you And I wish there was a way For me to trust you But it hurts me every time I try to touch you” Oh Father by Madonna “It's funny that way, you can get used To the tears and the pain What a child will believe You never loved me You can't hurt me now I got away from you, I never thought I would You can't make me cry, you once had the power I never felt so good about myself Seems like yesterday I lay down next to your boots and I prayed For your anger to end Oh Father I have sinned”
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