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  1. I read a little more about it and I'm happy to hear that it's also going to have choreography and also seems very dance-centric (they've hired some pretty cool choreographers), which is very Britney.
  2. Not sure if already posted, but a lot of broadway fans are here for this. Could be a hit: https://www.broadwayworld.com/board/readmessage.php?thread=1115317&page=1
  3. She really is a stan. When asked between Britney and Rihanna, she picked Britney lol. And she's been to POM multiple times.
  4. Who knows, maybe they tried to get her to record some of the songs but she refused and they ended up doing a lot of the songs without her knowledge? Maybe she thought the album was going one direction and when the final product was presented to her, it was too late. It's all weird. She didn't have much control at the time and they probably had a lot of things hanging over her head to promote something she was not 100% on board for.
  5. If we get something in the mood between Blackout and Glory, I'll be happy. Obviously she's not in that 2007 mind frame anymore, but I still feel like she has obscure and weird thoughts/fantasies that she's able to unleash through a creative outlet like her music and she can also dig deep and come up with some deep concepts. I believe she came up with many of the concepts of the songs on Glory like "Just Like Me."
  6. I believe with Justin Tranter being the EP, Danja should be safe staying on board. Justin seems to be well-connected with Britney fans and knows what they are asking for/expecting from an album. I've been hearing talks/rumors regarding Darkchild returning as well. These are producers Britney has enjoyed working with and appears to feel comfortable being creative with, so she might have created some really good music with them during the BJ recording process; however, ultimately, it's the EP who decides what makes the final album. Justin seems to have really good intentions and is also lifting Britney up when he talks about her or gets asked about her in interviews, so I feel good with him being EP and where the album is going to go.
  7. Yeah, he worked on the Circus album promo performances. I believe it was the staging of it.
  8. I mean, I don't know what happened. But I think something happened during the Circus tour promo and he left mid-way.
  9. Wasn't this and Womanizer choreographed/staged by Wade Robson? He's a total genius when it comes to staging (he did DWAD). I wouldn't mind if they brought him back for her next project. I believe her team has messed up that working relationship with him, though?
  10. I'm pretty sure they have permission to post about the things they are posting and I'm sure it's approved by her team. There was a contract they signed early on probably stating that they have to stay hush-hush about everything until told otherwise. They could be sued and stuff if they do this stuff without the team's approval.
  11. It would be pretty messed up if they found out the way we did. But a lot can happen in a few days; I feel like something happened during Jamie's recovery and they received some really bad news recently.
  12. Indefinite means that it is unknown or there is no clear time frame. She's basically put her career on hold.
  13. I think the choreographers this time understand her strengths in movement and are going to show them off more. It looks like they're going for more "Let's see how we can make Britney stand out and look good" while still showcasing fierce moves rather than "Let's see how we can simplify the movements so that she looks like she's keeping up with the dancers." From the little footage we have of the rehearsals, it looks like they're going to incorporate the stage more and make it look busy instead of having everyone in the center and doing choreo. I can't wait for what the final product looks like. I just hope her nerves don't get the best of her and that they do lots of rehearsals on the stage with costumes so that she feels super comfortable with it.
  14. Rihanna is cool and close to her dancers/people that work for her only until someone crosses her and does her wrong; only then will she or her team put more strict restrictions. Britney used to have a close relationship with her dancers and continued some of those relationships (Andre), but since her breakdown, she and her team are more careful about who's around her. I doubt they filter out all connections, but I'm sure once they have a bad feeling about a group or a specific person, they'll do whatever they can to limit that interaction.
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