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RICCUS : The Truth Behind The Mystery

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40 minutes ago, DJSLAYZEE said:

Riccus sounds like some old disease people died of in the Middle Ages 

he caught the riccus, he’s only got a week to live :gloria: 

lmaooooo that's because it was/still is

"Rickets" is seen in children and caused by severe deficiencies of either calcium, vitamin D or phosphorous-  usually from being malnourished. It makes your bones soften & it is still fairly common in many third world countries where people face starvation especially during droughts where they can't even have access to water :crying11:  Rickets can kill your children if it becomes severe enough :crying1:  But Brit isn't trying to send us subliminal messages with RICCUS her dancers just genuinely ****** it up.......twice :gtfo:

#nurselife #FEEDTHEHUNGRY 


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