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  1. Rihanna is a better comparison to Britney (both started at 16 and both had drastic changes in image for 3rd album) but even then I wouldn’t say Rihanna is the new Britney These three are in their own separate lanes, no need to say anyone is the new anyone
  2. clifford the big RED dog is getting a live action reboot maybe she’s on the soundtrack or making a cameo
  3. part of me thinks...what if they’re all getting the “glory treatment” with extra songs added to appease/distract the fans? but then i saw it happening to other artists so nvm i’m going back to being a clown
  4. am i the only one who gets creepy vibes from the video? like i know the content of the video is harmless but it feels kinda off putting knowing someone recorded her in public and she had no idea it was happening, i guess you can say the same thing about candids
  5. imagine being so pressed that your gay4pay boys didn’t win a meaningless award that literally doesn’t affect your life in the slightest
  6. why am i not surprised? people hold way to much respect for the grammy’s when we know they mean nothing army needs to grow up and realize the world doesn’t revolve around BTS
  7. probably would have to be pewdiepie or DougDoug Pewdiepie bc he’s kinda gorgeous and DougDoug bc I like what he does in video games
  8. concerts and rollercoasters mainly i also need to bars to open back up so i can go back to work
  9. that’s what i’ve been thinking about too, like is this another trend for the media to capitalize on and say “we care about human rights” while still making other people look horrible or attack them in vulnerable situations? I understand that everybody feels bad and they’re very understanding of her and her situation, but is that feeling only gonna last until she’s free or are they gonna completely just let her live and only focus on her art? But what I’m afraid of happening is that people are only gonna be interested right now and not in a year or two if (hopefully the c-ship isn’t going on anymore by then) she still suffers the same fate. Also, people are wild about going on a canceling spree on twitter and taking things out of context. I know Britney has nothing really to hide but I’m dreading the day that people start nitpicking her past and trying to find a problem where there isn’t any, which would lead back to unnecessarily tearing her back down. I just want reassurance that people won’t turn their backs on her once some new trend comes along and takes over the media.
  10. he kinda looks like Hunter March, I actually think it’s him if not then he looks really similar
  11. they said on instagram they’ve been working on stuff separately and together so i’m taking it as we’re getting new music from them as a group soon
  12. i feel like this can be said about any song/album or even as an excuse as to why things didn’t chart as well
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