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Quick! You've been chosen to manage Britney's comeback era. How are you going to handle the era?

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55 minutes ago, mhally said:



44 minutes ago, agustinmalandra said:


Honey it has to be simple but effective.

1. An album 12 songs, main single excellent music video, 2 great tv performances and 2 appearances in streaming youtubers tiktokers.

artistic direction of the album taken by Britney.

2. A month after the release, the deluxe version of the album comes out, new single with excellent music video

tik tok & instagram challenges cuz it's a banger. 2 appearances with streamers

3. 3rd single is a remix of a song from the album BUT with an A-list artist (not those who flop artist no one knows and the put in her last 3 albums)

time for radio and some tv appaerances

4. I'd say to Britney: "honey, remember how you slayed? well, there's possibilities of a tour, do you wanna?" Rock In Rio, Lollapalooza and some other festivals as the MAIN ARTIST, in order to capt some new fans.


Loving how y'all are so passionate about this! :bouncey: We outsold RCA :neydedance_purple:

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In a dream world...

1. Release her book titled "Overprotected" alongside a re-worked balled version of Overprotected

2. Perform S&M with Rihanna at the Superbowl, followed by an announcement of her new single and upcoming album

3. Release a visual album of songs that are personal and meaningful to her, with music videos that allow her to express her creativity

4. Perform the songs at a one-off show that is recorded and streamed on Netflix or Apple TV

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Well, the first thing I would do is sit Britney down and say to her Right, how much do you care about this album? How much work do you wanna do?   etc. If she said its just a final gift to her fans and thats it, i would say right thats fine, surprise release drop it on Friday the whatever, do a Q&A on IG, and you're good, i respect your decision. If she said this is a proper comeback and shes really invested in it, i would say right

1. Announce the album a month prior. I dont really understand the point anymore of announcing an album 3  or 4 months early

2. 2 or 3 music videos but like Taylor Swift did, release 2 or 3 days apart

3. A one hour  TV interview on major TV station in US, UK and everywhere else. Britney has complete say in who interviews her so that she feels 100% comfortable  with them. Britney sees all of the questions beforehand and has complete rights to refuse any questions she doesnt want to be asked

4. Fan IG  Q&A , like above Britney sees all of the questions beforehand and has complete rights to refuse any questions she doesnt want to be asked

5. GMA  special performance and small interview

6. Tour - I feel cautious saying this because i know she hates touring but Vegas doesnt do her or any artist any favors. But i would sit her down and figure out how to make it as enjoyable for her as possible and i would make sure she had big breaks in between legs and she was well taken care of. and ALL of her requests would be met no matter what they were

7. Tour DVD - we havent got one since 2011 Femme Fatale  Tour. A big  TV exclusive first then a DVD with backstage extras included

8. After tour ends, she goes on a 2 or 3 year hiatus 

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A surprise album

and the next week interview with that Apple dude, Zane Lowe

and a paid private mini concert special on her own platform, or an HBO special or something

NOT MUCH promo,

and I wish she would drop a book, but not telling much, a visual book, with cartoons from old times like they did with Billie Eilish Disney Special, and just little texts and comments, and really cool pictures thru her career would be epic, pictures she took,  stuff like that


she could do her own magazine that would be epic with amazing shoots, she could actually do her own magazine, a 4 issues plan, with her doing different shoots for each issue and her writing letter to the fans and stuff, that would be cool for the fans to collect it

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1 hour ago, Blackout2006 said:

LIVINGGGG for this idea, queen! Don't you think there'd be a bit of controversy amongst fans if her last album is so raw and minimal, rather than the pop juggernaut smash we were expecting of Britney? 

I love the idea of pop-rock Britney though :mimiclap_mariah_clapping_applause_proud_yes_Yas:

Probably but the fans will fall in love with finally hearing the true britney also I decided the only promo performance she’ll do is a show for Netflix where she performs the entire album

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I would make her the executive producer of the album, and give her creative freedom to choose anyone and everyone she wants to be included in the making of the album. If she wants to release 20 tracks of farting ASMR, then so shall it be :lemmetellu_telling_preaching_yelling_talking_points_finger:

Then I would let her release as many singles as she wants from the album. If she wants to release the B10 equivalent song of "E-Mail My Heart", she should do it. If she decides to release 0 singles, it's fine, the label will do all the promotion instead. All this because artists with creative freedom create so much better music than controlled artsists. Take notes RCA :byesmoke_tiffany_miss_ms_ny_new_york_sitting_smoking_cigarette:

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All I know is we needed to have the following:

- Super Bowl: including MATM (feat Madonna) / S&M (feat Rihanna)

- Brian Friedman

- Original choreographies: Toxic, Slave 4 U, Overprotected 

- Pre recorded vocals & Live ballads 

- World Tour: US, Europe, Asia, South America

- Book release 

- Major interview

- Documentary like For The Record

- Killer outfits by Donatella Versace

- Britney as the new face of Versace 

- Award killer performance 

- Professional Instagram management 



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Book release accompanied with a release of a documentary focused on her process with a new album. Since the book will focus on her personal life, the documentary would focus on her creative process and her hanging out with dancers/creative team (a la Truth or Dare Madonna doc). 

The purchase of the book also includes the purchase of her first single. The end of the documentary includes the release of a MV. 

This would drive her song to #1. Following her #1 song, an announcement of a live surprise performance will be announced. The performance will be followed with an announcement that her album is now available on Apple Music. It will be a visual album, and drive a second single to #1. 

the themes of the album would be story telling: her rise to fame, the dark side of fame, her capture and conservatorship, her rebellion, her freedom, and her return to the throne. It will be titled “Mad Queen.”

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