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  1. Of course, people are just vibe killers! Instead of congratulating, all they do is comment: GET A PRENUP. That’s kind of offensive to say that actually. It’s like saying he’s gonna steal her money or something. You just don’t say that to people! Rude AF. He even made a funny response to that, which he shouldn’t have actually. It’s none of anyone’s business..
  2. I saw that and was like: WTF, why are they playing BOYS? I waited the whole night for someone to scream FREE BRITNEY during a performance or something, or someone say something about the movement!!! MTV is disgusting. They can kiss Britney’s white southern ***! *********
  3. OMG it’d be so good if Britney hired Fe back, can you imagine that? No doubt she would go back to Britney! “Fe, I need you more than ever, please” Then Fe could return and be Britney’s assistant just like she always was. She’s definitely the only person that knows Britney at a level no one does. She’s the only person capable of bringing Britney “back”, making Britney remember things that made/make her feel good, restoring old healthy habits she used to have before the Cship, bringing back Britney’s confidence and her sparkle. Also arrange time with Britney’s friends, so she can have her social life back, little by little. Imagine been 13 years without any social life, it’s not easy to just go back to how it was. Britney needs to step out of home, meet nice people, maybe travel, and that won’t be easy, so she needs someone that can be by her side 24/7 to help with all this.
  4. I hope!! Because judge Penny seems to have a lot of spare time on her calendar to be able to schedule a hearing on short notice! So she better find a sooner date for Britney’s hearing instead of January 28th!!!
  5. Did u guys hear her singing live on SLAVE? You can clearly hear on the 2nd round!
  6. This old witch has to go down too. Why hasn’t her name popped up on documents yet???
  7. I thought the same. Couldn’t she wait until tomorrow? Seriously.
  8. If something happens and he gets away with this somehow, Britney’s coming for the State Of California, and I am sure they won’t want to take the blame. Either way, he’s ****ed.
  9. The is NO WAY he wouldn’t be charged with it!!! This doesn’t make any sense. It’s like committing a crime while drunk and being innocent when sober! You’d still have to pay the consequences for that. This isn’t even logical. If HE really did something and the conservatorship ends and Rosengart finds out, he’d definitely have to pay, at least that’s how I see it. Any lawyers in here that can clear things out?
  10. Yes, but what if Britney herself asked Rosengart to make an agreement. Just speculations also.
  11. I’m scared too! None of us were expecting this and it sounds so suspicious. Just like if they’re planning something.
  12. That’s so fishy!!! Something must be going on behind doors. I think they might have done an agreement with TEAM CON to set Britney free! Maybe no further investigations and they’d let her go?
  13. I literally have nothing to do, so which one is the worst? Lmao
  14. OMG who wrote this article really didn’t know what they were talking about. The timeline is totally wrong and how dare Cowell say she was overweight? Where??? The woman also put her heart and soul into the Womanizer performance, is he blind? She was skinny as needle there, that was her best Womanizer performance. Omg, this article is nonsense.
  15. So, I was just scrolling through IG and saw Britney’s last post and the caption ended with: “by the way, I do intend on going to the ball after I clean my house 😂😉😉 !!!!!” I know she made reference to Cinderella, but could this be something more? Any reference to Paris wedding? This post actually has a lot of hidden messages. We all know they’re still friends, Paris even mentioned this year, she had dinner with Britney. (I guess that’s when Britney got grounded for a week for “meeting a friend”, not when she went to the beach with Cade) and also here, you can check Paris talking about her wedding plans: Paris saying they had dinner together last summer:
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