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  1. If Britney does get her freedom on that date then Taylor will get next to no news coverage. I doubt it’s planned. Also tbh…the general public don’t really care that much about her re-releases.
  2. Part of me feels Netflix might have shot themselves in the foot with this documentary. Britney mentioned wanting to tell her side of the story and Netflix would have been an obvious platform for that. If she's not happy with this doc then they can kiss goodbye to that future deal.
  3. A lot of gay men do things as children that are considered to be 'feminine' and get negative reactions from other people. It can cause them to 'de-feminize' growing up and can even lead to internalized homophobia/hetero***ism and a worshipping of masculinity within the gay community. It's been linked to prejudice from gay men against guys showing any form of femininity. I just find it interesting how guys (gay, bi***ual or straight) can't go against the masculine stereotype without everyone labelling them a certain way (closeted, power bottom, 'pillow princess') or forcing them to 'come out'. Some of the comments here are very similar to what a lot of us experienced as teenagers from our straight peers. Ironically, this could just be Shawn being his true authentic self and instead of embracing it, we're trying to force him into a box that I'm sure we've all been forced into ourselves. I wasn't trying to start a massive debate or cause offense, I actually just find it interesting. Also for the people calling me a 'woke' Gen Z...I'm 27. None of this is even new information, it dates back decades.
  4. Wow...I'm currently writing an essay on internalised homophobia in the gay community, so the replies in this thread are quite interesting to say the least
  5. Calling Sam a 'user' while she uses Britney's name for views on her monetized YouTube channel
  6. It's a beautiful ring but did it really need much 'designing'? It's pretty much a classic solitaire ring with engraving on the inside
  7. Ok she looks absolutely gorgeous. But cmon guys, she had less energy here than most of the femme fatale tour. You can see the sadness in her eyes and she clearly doesn’t want to be there. I honestly can’t believe her team saw this rehearsal and still let her go on stage the next day. They clearly didn’t have her best interests at heart.
  8. Break The Ice. I can see "It's been a while....I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting....but I'm here now" becoming a sound on TikTok.
  9. Maybe this explains why she said she always sings live Her mic broke back in 2002 and she still hasn't noticed
  10. Tbh I think she stopped singing live at the same time as a lot of other artists in the early 00s. It was a big trend back then, especially as more and more artists were pressured to dance etc. I think the reason she still does is one of two things (or both): She’s had the same team for a long time and for some reason they seem to think what worked in the 00s works today They think it’s part of her brand at this point and they know they can get away with it (why sing live when you can lip sync and get paid the same)
  11. I'm guessing the people calling for a ban don't believe in freedom of speech? The OP respectfully provided their opinion on a subject. Isn't that what people do on forums? Seriously guys, c'mon.
  12. I preferred the old one. This one is written in past tense like she's dead or something.
  13. I’m surprised more people haven’t voted Circus tbh. It’s an amazing song, but it feels like it was made to be performed live. I’m ashamed to say this, but I normally skip it when it comes on
  14. She needs to stop with these now, or at least for a little while. She made an impact with the first one (and the one before this), but it starts to feel a bit strange when they're so often and so similar.
  15. She’ll be free at the end of next year, but only after the case is investigated and found to be corrupt She’ll travel the world with Sam and try to make up for lost time (I expect her to vanish from the spotlight for at least a year after she’s free) She’ll release a new album in 2024 as a thank you to her fans, but she won’t promote it or perform She’ll be back in Vegas in 2025
  16. This was really good! I think Britney would love this. She loves Sailor Moon.
  17. Hate to say it, but Lady Gaga. I think she's insanely talented and I enjoy her music, but she puts up this front that makes it impossible to get to know her as a person. Every single move she makes feels calculated, and I find her so unrelatable.
  18. I see Will still hasn't shown any kind of growth in his work. I used to LOVE the BEPs but it's such a shame they're consistently releasing the same song. I mean, this was 5 years ago and the beat is pretty much exactly the same as this 'new' song.
  19. I don't know if recognizable is the right word. I think her name probably is, but she does look quite different to how she looked back in 2004 (as most people do!). P.S. Don't come for me, there's no hate intended behind that comment.
  20. Honestly, this is the one time I think she should make a statement on Instagram to clarify things. Looking at the comments on her latest post, everyone thinks she's free already. This has added a huge amount of confusion among the GP and could damage the momentum we've built up.
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