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  1. Not that I’m JL’s biggest fan but I get the feeling she might have been referring to her Zoey 101 days. Don’t forget her reputation was tarnished as soon as she got pregnant, and there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there about how dodgy Nickelodeon are/were.
  2. It sounds so random but I've always wanted Britney to work with a UK band called Glass Animals. They experiment quite a lot with mixing different genres and their music is very In The Zone 2.0. Britney's voice on these songs would kill me:
  3. What else are you up to other than spewing toxicity and spreading hate? You don't have to like her, you don't have to support her, but you also don't have to be part of the problem.
  4. Extremely talented, but she's overly 'gen z' and I can't see her having mass market appeal. I want her to do well and she seems like a nice person. Would I listen to her songs more than once? No. Would I pay to see her live? No.
  5. Why aren't you fighting the conservatorship harder? This isn't just about your dad.
  6. I literally have no idea what's going on but I kinda love it
  7. Piece of Me. I used to love it, especially with her cage performance on the Circus tour. I think the Vegas performance of the song killed it for me...
  8. What annoys me the most about this is that Britney is likely paying for every single word that Vivian wrote. She goes on and on about 'the best interest of the conservatee' without actually saying anything that benefits Britney. She's basically defending herself against the accusations and charging it to Britney's account.
  9. God I’m getting sick of people twisting things to fit their own self-indulgent narrative. How many people have said “I won’t believe she’s fine until she says she is”. She’s now literally said she’s fine and people are still saying “they’re forcing her to say this”. No matter what she says, she can’t win. She’s a strong person. A very very strong person. She’s been through a lot more than most, and her current situation is probably a walk in the park compared to 2007. She’s not saying her situation is fine or that she agrees with the conservatorship, she’s just saying that she’s fine and grateful for what she has.
  10. Where did this come from? Really strange if from Sean Preston. Britney has clearly been put through FaceApp, and neither the hair or smile are hers. Regardless, she looks happy!
  11. Why get mad at Lana for this? I'm from England and genuinely didn't know about the third cousin thing until now. Also yes he's made controversial comments in the past, but what does that have to do with this? Literally all she said was that she 'loved the way they loved', which tbh is quite a nice tribute. Let's not forget he just died. Sadly, this is very much a perfect example of cancel culture and the toxic media in the US. Nobody in England is talking about this.
  12. Can they please do something about him? Like now. Like seriously, now. How can something like this be reported in the news and nothing is done about it? Lets for a second imagine the situation where I was managing the interests of my 95-year-old grandma with dementia. Imagine if I dragged her to a bar and put her on stage to do a dance routine for money, and then kept some of that money for myself. Imagine the doctors saying that my grandma is too unwell to make her own decisions, and then I decide to do that. Imagine me being asked if I’m doing the right thing for her and my argument is “well, if she doesn’t like it then she can ask for it to stop”. I’m not a lawyer, but legally I would have thought this is the same as what they’re doing to Britney. Why are they not being investigated? You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say that someone needs a conservatorship and then that they’re well enough to perform, to have social media, to have a brand, to be put under the same media microscope that destroyed them in the first place. Also, this is completely separate from the fact that the court has given someone with a genuine history of domestic abuse and alcoholism this amount of power over someone. And it’s not just anyone, it’s his daughter who probably underwent some of this abuse growing up, and is ultimately probably stopping her speaking out against him out of fear. CAN SOMEONE DO SOMETHING.
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