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New Filing Today: Lisa Maccarley files amicus brief in support of Britney's objection to payment of legal fees as well as opposition to motion to compel her deposition

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Thank you for sharing this :nomnom_shake_chest_boobs_dance:


One of the things about this case that terrifies me is that Britney was sectioned/5150’d and (presumably) sedated with benzos. That’s when Dr. Spar came to make his assessment. 

Dr. Spar’s report will only serve to show that the system is being exploited. I’m sure he has a formula for writing these things - enough detail to make the patient seem incapacitated without explanation that it is likely a temporary state.

I understand why Lisa is making this argument but will it help Britney? This feels like another misdirection tactic.

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Rosengart seems to be methodical: using what facts he has to establish guilt, picking them off one by one until he gets all the docs when he can talk about more crimes. He's sticking to what he can easily prove right now and building a case.

I think he is wise to not take everything and everyone on at once, that would be so much harder to prove and take so much more time.

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3 minutes ago, RebellionSparkles said:

We got trolled by the Kingham media army with the misleading pic from the Maccarley filing. For real, when are they going to stop harassing us?? gahh

Lisa Maccarley, an attorney who works in the LA probate court, filed a brief in support of Britney and Rosengart's declarations, and whistle blows the court for allowing DisHon Goetz and Flop Ingham to put Britney in a CONservatorship without a capacity declaration from a MD. 

The "missing capacity declaration" is a fact well known by Britney stans, but is not known to the GP.

This is first time the "missing capacity declaration" has been added to public record. Maccarley makes an unimpeachable argument about the missing capacity declaration and questions the court's reasoning for withholding the transcript from the day B was trafficked into a CONservatorship.


The Kingham media army of twitter trolls sent around a misleading picture attempting to goad Britney stans into spreading misinformation.

See for yourselves--full doc: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19vhrZUJA8PDedaGlF_6FYJ4nUNOeVpAT/view?usp=sharing


pics of full doc below.

  Reveal hidden contents
















I was reading an insider article too, so NOW it makes sense


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9 hours ago, Daniela.tomasseli said:

She is correct… but Rome wasn’t built in a day. :nyschool_new_york_miss_tiffany_pollard_preaching_telling_talking_hand:

The state of California allowed this crime but Rosengart has to play chess.. you can’t go for the checkmate without tumbling some pawns and bishops down. 

This, this, this.

She's absolutely right and I appreciate this info is out in official legal files for media outlets to see and report on, but I also think she has her own bone to pick with Ingham, and she's been trying to fight her own fight through this case for a while.

Which is fine, but she's only focused on Ingham and the courts, while Rosengart has many more things to take into account and has to follow a careful strategy if he wants to eventually hold people accountable and really help her client. 

I don't love that she seems to be inserting herself in this case to fight her own battle, but I also don't hate that she's openly raising questions that Rosengart will probably eventually get to (he has already hinted at the illegality of the very establishment of the conservatorship).


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They all -judge, ingham, doctor , tristar, Jamie were in it. They probably tipped the judge and doctor and put that ingham nonsense who never were there to help Britney. He didn't even said his client that she was able to terminate the cship not 1 single time. And u tell me this piece of a lawyer can still practice law and be around other ppl??? America, u really talk about ur democracy and great law but let me tell u this is a simple test of a humanity u failed. Period. Britney never should be in that mess. Still she survived. And i am just waiting for every single person who made that possible to get their karma.

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2 hours ago, NewDisplayName said:

I think she is working with Rosengart (they were at some point at least)..

anyway she is true but she need to go in federal court - why with penny she is just like Riva Goetz anyway..

Let that probate court burn with all of Jamie’s team

they never were working together :wtf_britney_what_confused_um:

Don’t confunde her with Lisa McCurdy

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I don't understand a single word from all of this.

Can somebody sum it up in a few words what this means? All the English law slangs are unknown to me as I am not a native English speaker and I can't understand those documents at all.

Who is kingham media? Who is this lisa? And what has it got to do with Britney's case?


Thanks in advance!

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10 minutes ago, RebellionSparkles said:

Lawyers for Britney 

They called Ingham “Kingham” and then everybody realized they are a professional media campaign. There is an expose thread on exhale “should LFB be cancelled?” It turns out one of the peeps in that group is a lobbyist and her name is now autocensored on exhale: Kristen c.higer

Omg what is she lobbying though? 

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