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  1. I love Britney with my full heart but this isn't a good look during a very public conservative case. Anything she does will be magnified and blown out of proportion which is why she should wait and lay low. The public is on her side and that is all she has right now. She said she was going to stop posting but we know how that turned out. It's good she has more freedom and these posts are probably about her team controlling her body for so long but it's getting the wrong attention during a vital context in regard to her freedom.
  2. I hate to say this... and it has been brought up before... but it could be related to race.
  3. Yep! I wish her second court appearance was publicly recorded like her first one because the public outrage -- while still active -- has simmered down significantly.
  4. I feel like Circus is a grownup version of Oops I Did it Again (album). They definitely reverted her image back to **** innocent school girl.
  5. Not to be rude, but she also heavily aged from Circus to FF and you could tell she was overworked, tired, and drugged. I saw FF tour opening night in Sac and she was super stiff and just not really into it.
  6. While I would never want to wish death on anyone or assume their death, I get this feeling he will pass away before he is tried and found guilty of his abuse.
  7. I was watching the news in the background when all of a sudden I hear, "Could Britney's racy, topless photos affect her conservatorship?" and it showed the pictures even a more censored fashion. Man, it bums me to see how so many people are making a big deal of these photos and blowing it out of proportion to the extent that it may affect her conservatorship. It should not be used against her but every little thing she does from now on will be under the tiniest bit of scrutiny and I wish she would just chill until she is freed because of how crappy the media is. Yes, she shouldn't hide from her true self, especially after so many years of hiding and being silent, but at the same time Jamie's lawyers will use any little scrap they can get and make a meal out of it to serve as nothing but deceit.
  8. Lorde is not doing it for me. It's not bad but it's very... IDK
  9. This is her last best album in my opinion and the closest to Born to Die. The album is good but clunky. The first half is so great and the second half is uneven. She got so lazy after this album.
  10. The Jamie-Lynn drama has ignited the internet and while people haven't forgotten about Jamie, the heat is off of him [for now]. Is Britney taking the bait? Are we all taking the bait?
  11. Lady GaGa claims to be a feminist, yet hasn't publicly supported or spoken out about Britney but she did with Ke$ha. Beyoncè is all about feminism and has not spoken up or for Britney. Can these female celebrities label themselves as feminists if they only pick and selectively choose who they want to support? Because that's not what feminism is since it should not be selective. Christina Aguilera is all about feminism and spoke up about it. Jessica Simpson, and countless other women have publicly supported Britney and don't label themselves as self-proclaimed feminists despite being one. Should feminists be obligated to speak about this when Britjey herself said she was being abused? I just find it odd how some female celebrities haven't lent their voice to Britney's situation, even if it is as simple as basic support.
  12. They purposely made it cheap to save as much money as they could. The costumes were cheap-looking and I am sure the budget was low. Does anyone remember how the dancers never got outfit upgrades? A lot of them had to wear the same thing for 4 years. Also, I wonder about Britney's hair and makeup. I know she supposedly hates other people touching her face and doing makeup, but how much of it is true, I wonder?
  13. I just keep thinking of the premiere when they went to and he told her to smile, to kiss him, and even doing the Instagram videos...
  14. This is going to sound weird, but... I have this weird feeling Britney is going to dump him after everything is over and done with because deep down she knows. It's just this feeling I get.
  15. I wish he didn't include the part about her doing drugs and interviewing the hairdresser because it's irrelevant. Britney was in her early 20s back then, so who cares? I want to know who the family friend is AND I hate the maid who told on Britney by reporting it to her father. Does anyone know what happened to Brett or what she is up to now? Do you think she will speak up?
  16. At the risk of sounding rude, we all know Sam, Britney's bf, isn't the smartest. I do not understand how he was not aware of the conservatorship termination, especially when fans commented such things on his profile months prior to all of this, if not years. I just do not see how after all this time he wouldn't know. He probably encountered a lot of the abuse Britney faced and whatnot -- maybe felt helpless -- but to not do anything? Of course, we do not know his NDA agreement. I just do not understand his involvement. I hope he genuinely loves her but I can't hep but find all of this strange... Of course, no one would put up with what he had to if they didn't love someone, but still. He is just now speaking up against Jamie this year when he could have done it before. Team Con is already starting a smear campaign against him but I wonder if there is some truth to it? I have no doubt Jamie and management let her date him to distract her and just keep her somewhat happy and working. Thoughts?
  17. Remember when she started to develop nervous ticks while on tour? I can't remember if it was in America or overseas but I remember her fixing her ponytail every 5 seconds and her hands were trembling. She was EXHAUSTED.
  18. Not so much dragging. I don't believe she properly articulated the thing about Paris because she meant she didn't believe in Paris' story because she was an outsider, therefore she said no one would believe her. The whole Miley thing is in regard to Larry managing Miley during her Bangerz era, being wild and promoting a drug heavy image, and yet managing Britney who was being accused of the things Miley was doing and being controlled.
  19. Does anyone have a link as to where I can listen to it? I can't find anything.
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