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Edan Britney's bodyguard had a sensitive recording to be erased?

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9 minutes ago, MeAgainstTheMusic_ said:

I’m going to come out here and say Brett was with Britney pre-conservatorship. I really don’t think she was all that bad on reflection. I think she was perhaps one of the few people who would keep it real with Britney. Britney seems comfortable around her and she was even a bridesmaid at her wedding. I don’t think Brett was evil. I think they were probably close enough to have that kind of sister like relationship where they could be honest with each other. 

She probably saw the most abuse take place and I doubt she’d ever talk for fear of getting her *** sued. 

I agree with this, I truly think Britney and her were close and Jamie thought they were too close and got rid of her.

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6 hours ago, ToxicMadness said:

She was for a few days in 2007 yes, Then dissapear...I suspect that brett reach Jamie to talk about all the bad influences around brit.  So, that's why jamie bring her back in 08. Just a Theory, i mean jamie eliminated every isingle person 2007 related to brit, except Brett. 

And Jason trawick!


He also knew Britney before. There's pictures of them when she was pregnant with Jayden. 

I think the bodyguards should speak. They were with her every single day!!


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5 hours ago, Easy There said:

What do yall think of her Charlie relationship. Whilst they looked good together. That seemed like PR. He moved on rather quickly after it.

I agree. It seemed like PR. He got married and had a kid in about 2 years. Also he seemed like the perfect guy to fake a relationship. I found him so slimy and weird.

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9 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

I'm not sure :idkney_britney_glory_carpool_karaoke_unsure_idk_nervous:

I mean, anyone hired by Jamie can't be trusted, but at the same time, then why isn't he still the bodyguard?


I remember, was it one of her old backup dancers? That visited her at POM, and then when she was leaving a bodyguard told her like "I don't know who you are, or what you did, but I've never seen Britney so happy" ? I wonder who that was.


Also Edan was very familiar with the kids, like we would see him carrying them when they were toddlers, and wasn't he the one taking pictures of her for social media? Still, one could do those things and be a bad person at the same time, but I don't know, I need a clearer explanation. 


I know which dancer you're talking about but I don't remember her and i know she spk out on instagram about her. I bet he wasn't one of the few prisoner body guards if he was to say this

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2 hours ago, jordeezy said:

How do we all feel about Crazy Days And Nights? I always thought the guy was a liar. Do y'all believe him?

Enty at CDAN is tooootally a liar. Dude turned full on QAnon over the past few years. Don't trust him.


3 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:



I want to see Jason Trawick deposed in court by Mathew Rosengart. My hope is that Trawick might flip and spill...but who knows how much hush money he may have accepted from Team Con since walking away from Britney.

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9 hours ago, dfffff said:

I don't know what to think about him, now it comes to my mind that Brett Miller doesn't have a clear conscience and may also have a lot behind her ears. As far as I remember, Brett was in Britnye's life before conservatorship. The strange thing is that they hired her after starting conservatorship.

BTW what happended to her? 

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