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If she’s free on Sept. 29.....Super Bowl?


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I only want her to come back when she is happy and ready. If this takes years, then it will take years.

As for that comeback, an MDNA style era that starts with the Superbowl (except for having more things happen than just the superbowl and a tour) is something that I have thought about quite a bit.

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14 minutes ago, BritneyOfficial said:

There’s no bigger stage for her to make a come back free from her father, the timing is right, and there have been no rumors for a super bowl headliner yet. 

would you be here for it?

There’s no rumors because football season hasn’t started yet. Headliners for SB likely by November.

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Fans like you are just as toxic as her team. That should be the LAST thing on our minds as a fandom. Our queen needs to (like she said herself) get the confidence to get back into the real world. She has been SO sheltered for 13 years. It’s almost like having to teach a newly released prisoner everything after they get out from serving years and years.. throwing her back into work will NOT be healthy. She needs to get away for at least a year or 2 and just enjoy her life. Then if she feels ready, she will come back.

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