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  1. I think it's him. His voice sounds slightly different because he was literally panicking recording the audio about the facility. For the NYT doc he was more relaxed.
  2. I understand the frustration of not knowing everything. But we literally have bigger fish to fry, Sam Asghari is not one of them. Reva Goetz, Edan, Robin, Lou...If anything, Sam was just playing by the rules so he wouldn't be removed from her life like they did to other people.
  3. Anyone feeling bad about all the times we complained about Britney's dancing, "her" career decisions and things like that without knowing what was going on behind the scenes? I feel so ungrateful. I'm so sorry Britney, I love you
  4. So The New York Times released an article that just confirmed that Sam Asghari was/is being watched along with members of the Free Britney movement. He is NOT one of them for all we know. We still don't know all the details but if you're watching this documentary and is angry at Asghari out of all people that were exposed...there's something wrong with you. "Her boyfriends were required to sign strict nondisclosure agreements, Mr. Vlasov said. An agreement signed in 2020 by her boyfriend at the time, Sam Asghari, who is now her fiancé, technically forbade him to post on social media about Ms. Spears without Mr. Spears’s prior written approval." "The fees for surveilling Ms. Spears’s boyfriend and the Free Britney participants, Mr. Vlasov said, were billed to Ms. Spears’s estate."
  5. I saw some people claiming this account was posting bad things during court hearings, suggesting that Britney needed the conservatorship or something like that. Allegedly for entertainment purposes.
  6. She is lying or somebody lied to her. I don't think she talked to Britney "today". Britney is still in a conservatorship and is unreachable for all we know, but that's Madonna, she can go anywhere
  7. Sooo much pressure on Pennywise for this next hearing. Literally the whole world is watching, everyone talks about it, Britney was and still is the moment this entire year, this is not a family secret anymore, they can't just delay dates like they did for years. People are going to come after that judge if Jamie is not removed completely for this next hearing, she has no choice but to remove him if she doesn't want public scrutiny
  8. I'm getting so tired of these nobodies that are trying to come out and say something now, you're too fkn late. 2 years ago NO ONE except us, the fans, were screaming out loud about the abuse that Britney was going through, no one listened to us, they called us crazy and conspiracy theorists. I still don't know what to think about Sam, because he was SILENT for months and months and left us in the dark, knowing damn well what was happening, he must have his reasons, but no one in her inner circle ever cared to explain to us what was going on, we did our own research the entire time. So..I'm not here for anyone that try to minimize the movement.
  9. I don't understand why anyone would be surprised if this is true. It certainly feels like exploitation to Britney, because the same media that DESTROYED her back then is now the same media that is trying to ''save'' her. I do think she feels exploited sometimes, specially when they show humiliating times that she went thru and of course she doesn't want to be reminded of that. On the other hand, the exposure definitely helped the movement and now there's a lot of pressure to free her from this conservatorship. We, as fans, should be grateful because she is finally reaching her freedom, but that doesn't mean Britney should be happy about the exposure she is going through.
  10. We need to remember that Vivian Thoreen was interviewed for Framing Britney Spears as well. That doesn't mean the docu is pro conservatorship, it's a common thing, specially in documentaries, to bring two sides of the same story. I don't think Netflix would be pro conservatorship, the director seems to be an activist for women's rights.
  11. I'm pretty sure this doctor gave an interview for a podcast saying he didn't understand why Britney was in a conservatorship for so long, if anything, this is one more reason to say that this entire system is corrupt. I might be confusing the names tho
  12. The way it says ''Twitter Web App'' and not ''Twitter for iPhone'' tho...I didn't know Britney used a computer to tweet, but go off I guess
  13. Ok but that's weird...Britney never uses her Twitter. Ever. It just reminds me of the ''we all need to take time for a little me time'' I'm not worried, but fans have every reason to be paranoid because they lied to us multiple times, including the 3 months she went missing and they made us believe it was her choice. She was locked away in a facility and drugged against her will.
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