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Is Britney new IG post is used by Team Con to Hold New Netflix Documentary Release?

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When I read her Instagram post, everything sounds right except the documentary part. It gives her momentum for Free Britney movement and I don’t think Britney would object to that.

So I was thinking if they are trying to make Instagram post look like it was really her that was submitted by Britney for past couple days and then slip some documentary comments in it so it will change the narratives on how Netflix is exploiting Britney instead. Lou, Thoreen, Wallet is still there. Free Britney is everywhere in the planet, everybody know who’s the team con is. I get the feeling that the new Netflix documentary can be very damaging to team con, as if Farrow’s article is not enough for them. But they are trying to put the lid on the last thing that would blow off, their scheme in trapping people in conservatorship. 

They can let out on how Britney hate her family, and they need to get rid of Jamie anyway. But they could be very scared of the upcoming Netflix documentary, so that’s why they put out that IG post. What do you guys think?

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Nah I don’t think that’s the reason why.

first of all, the Hulu documentary is gonna do more and make more noise than that Netflix one ever will so it doesn’t make sense for them to care.


also it’s not that impossible to think that Britney didn’t like the clips shown. In for the record, she was constantly saying how she didn’t wanna be seen as a victim and how when she was talking about VMAs she didn’t wanna see the 2007 one. The whole documentary, although shed light on the conservatorship, shows a side of her that she wants to forget

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I think she's horribly embarrassed by the documentaries even though they are on her side. I watch some good morning america segment earlier today and Britney almost didn't want the press their documenting stuff but guess she changed her mind. I think she knows she needs the momentum to help get her free but at the end of the day it embarrasses her.

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No no no, again I think we need to stop with the conspiracy theories. As others have said, I think it’s very likely Britney is simply tired of having her past traumas rehashed over and over again. She has ever right to feel however she wants to feel, and I really doubt this will hurt the movement whatsoever after what we heard in court. 

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8 hours ago, MakeMeFweaky said:

first of all, the Hulu documentary is gonna do more and make more noise than that Netflix one ever will so it doesn’t make sense for them to care.

Slightly off topic, but you peaked my interest as I have not heard much at all about the Hulu documentary. Why is it that it will do more and make more noise than Netflix one ever will?

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  • Exhale+

It’s possible as the director has alluded to some bombs being dropped (I think) and Netflix isn’t gonna do a documentary that’s already been done twice already without bringing something new and some shocks so I can imagine her team are nervous about it.

But I don’t won’t invalidate Brinnys feelings, in case those were her true feelings, and she really didn’t like the docs so I’m just gonna say I really don’t know

… my only thing is that the FB doc really helped push the conversation of the Free Britney movement and gave it credibility as opposed to a fan conspiracy. And that super bowl post of hers really felt like it was about the doc. But yeah, IDK.

All we can do is try and be open to all possibilities in this completely bizarre situation as nothing is known 



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Some of you have this need to control Britney, just like TeamCon! Everything she says or do that is different than what you expected, you just assume it's not her! 

Britney objects to that for the simple motive that it shows the worst time and mistakes of her life. Even though if it's from a good perspective, still can be embarrassing. And as much as I appreciate the doc for make the FreeBritney grow, we should not romanticize it! They could have made the same point without using images of her shaving her head, or the umbrella one, and a lot of others. They used so would make a impact in the audience and make a hit out of it! It's ok, it's how midia works, but please let's stop pretending Britney should be in love with this!

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1 hour ago, Steel Magnolia said:

That line stuck out like a sore thumb.

She may have written it on an Instagram caption in the past, but I think Cassie copied and pasted it in there for the exact reason you're stating.

Yes, I think it could be something that Britney might think some times ago when she’s still under Ingham. I get it back then, the documentary didn’t help her at all as she’s still in that damned conservatorship. But now everything has changed. FBS is like invitation for all media to dig deeper in Britney situation, that in the end leads to Farrows article and made Ingham and Rudolph resigned. It even helped her get new lawyer. 

Although it can be said that Britney is a person with pride, she’s not stupid that she choose pride over the opportunity to get out of the conservatorship. Past testimonies that she wishes to be heard in an open court explain these. She even admit for having abandonment issues, which is very brave of her. She let herself became vulnerable in the public because I think she knew that is how she get public support. I think Britney is smarter than we gave her credit for.

What I was thinking is that this post are probably written months if not years ago, when she get really mad of the whole situation and Free Britney movement didn’t get any momentum back then. Cassie didn’t post it back then, so she ended putting post about Frozen and the sisters and the whole 1.13.30 thing. Right now team con have different plan, and then post all of these drafts in her account. I hope Cassie didn’t get a job after this. :fu_britney_flipping_off_finger_mad:


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