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  1. I feel so sad about this, despite being proud or her growing courage. Cause, she is right! When this is over, Britney would be not allow to make any mistakes, like a normal human being. The stories are already written just waiting for the perfect picture to go along with headline: "Britney screwed up again! Was the conservatorship necessary?"
  2. The thing is: that is your opinion about Beyoncé. Britney might think differently. And that should be okay! What is not okay is you wanting Britney to express YOUR opinion in HER instagram. Britney can do it a thousand times if she wants to. She is the one who decides if it is enough!
  3. I understand the need to defend Britney, after all this is a fan forum, but you don't need demonize Marta to do that. She did had a horrible experience and, with all the expectations that a fan put into a M&G moment, it can be very painful to be mistreated. And she was not the only one, several fans shared moments like this. I do believe that considering all the was going on with Britney (forced medication, the control, long hours of work, sometimes against her will and all the others abuses) is understandable that she was emotionally unstable in some of this M&G. But we don't need go after Marta. It's possible to sympathize with both sides of this history. Put the blame on TeamCon, they're the ones who deserve.
  4. Despite being a sad situation, she must feel so liberated. After years without being able to speak, not even to defend herself... YOU GO, BRIT! TELL THEM ALL! ❤
  5. It's not okay to wish people's death, whoever they are! More than that, a person who wishes James' death have absolutely no knowledge of psychological process and how badly this can impact Britney. Is easy for us to just hate the guy, but for her is way more complex. If something like that happens Britney could easily have a breakdown with the amount of conflicting emotions this could bring.
  6. As a fan, I would love to see her perform again, but I hope she doesn't for while. Britney needs to be away from the midia when this is over, cause all eyes will be on her, just waiting for her next mistake. She will have to be perfect from now on. And I'm not even talking about big mistakes. If Britney trip on the streets will be headlines saying: "Why is Britney falling through the streets? Is she on drugs again? Was the conservatorship necessary? Was James right?".
  7. She's just sharing her love, let her do it! Fans are so cynical this days! Personally, I think was pretty cute the story about how Britney didn't care for her interview, even in the way that came out. Says a lot about Britney.
  8. I feel like there's more in that the we don't know. We all know Britney refused to work, but Britney said herself in her statement in court that "they" told her she could cancel Domination if she didn't want to do it! So, in this particular situation, it was not so much that she refuse, but it was a plan. I think her dad was really sick and, being a control freak, he couldn't let her do Domination without him being able to control everything. So, he let her cancel, wich is something he knew she wanted to, and he use his illness to get away from contract obligations. He didn't expect she wouldn't go back to work after that.
  9. Unfortunately, I think the only way they could end up in jail is if there's proof that they embezzled her money. But they will probably get away with the abuses and collusion cause it was all approved by court. That's why it is so important that the FBI get envolve in this. A broad investigation is necessary and only the FBI has the power for it.
  10. This girl is on FIREE 🔥 🔥🔥
  11. Unpopular opinion here, but I have nothing against that liar lawyer. She is doing the job she was paid for. She is defending the bad guy but that is necessary in a democratic justice system. Is like a lawyer defending a ped****e: for creepiest the guy is he still deserves legal counseling, anybody does. Way more problematic to me is Ingham, he never work on Britney's behalf and that was his job. Vivian is doing her job, Ingham never did!
  12. With all that happened with Britney, all the accusations she made, James will be investigate because of the cameras 🤷‍♂️ I really hope this is just the beginning and they actually go deeper in the whole thing, judges and all. Cause, for what it looks, this camera thing will be really hard to prove.
  13. I don't understand why some of you have this necessity to divide people into angels or monsters and nothing in between. You know, it's perfectly possible for David to be anti conservatorship AND cheated on Britney. He should never be followed by private investigators, is disrespectful and a violation of his privacy, but I definitely will not paint him as this perfect-flawless-wronged dude.
  14. I don't think they would do that! But I do wonder if Netflix already knew about this whole thing with her security team. Because it's what is on the news now, and the doc would look sloppy without mentioning it!
  15. Cause she is just doing the job she was hired for! She is the weakest on all of this, there's no point to go after her. Is like the guy from Black Box. He sense something weird was going on, but he had a job and he did what he was ordered to do, even though now he is exposing it all! He was not the problem, just the tool! Same with Cassie, imo!
  16. There's a lot of artists saying that they talk with Britney, including Drew Barrymore, who is not someone that crave attention to lie about that. So I do think is possible they talked with her!
  17. I question myself about this too. The only thing that I can think of is that, maybe, Britney doesn't want to. Or maybe TeamCon doesn't care if she contacts Madonna and Paris, but they do care if she contacts Felicia who knows a lot of stuff. But I don't think that's the case cause there's other ways, including through Sam.
  18. There's some theories people should just keep in their minds. That's a rather serious accusation for someone to made based only in a personal feeling. This is so disrespectful to Britney!
  19. This conservatorship needs to be investigate by the FBI. James has the excuse that everything was done under the approval of the court and it does seems that that is the case. This need to be a federal criminal case so the judges and individuals from the justice system can be also investigated. Otherwise, James will be protected by the courts approvals.
  20. I wonder if Britney knew about all of this stuff or if she will learn by watching... That can be really tough!
  21. I wonder if is too much for GP. People don't usually respond well to overexposure of anything, they tend to be a little more judgmental every time something new pops up and the haters start to arise.
  22. It's time for some to understand that Britney is not here to please us! You get uncomfortable with her posts? Don't follow her! But wanting to control what or how she posts is just sick and it's my understanding that it goes against all we are trying to do with #freebritney. She might not have the same well produced videos on social midia that others do, but then again nobody else has lived what she is living for the past 13 years, being held against her will with forced medicines. Wanting to take from her one of the few things she enjoys to do just because makes you uncomfortable is just selfish, imo! Let her be!
  23. We always want Britney to be amazed by all those things as we are but we need to remind ourselves that for her is too personal. Is her life! From one side, this docs help her to raise awereness to her case but, from the other side, it puts the lights on the most embarrassing and traumatizing moments of her life, and it is just another person telling her story while she is not allow to! Really, is not that hard to understand that!
  24. He is right about this, though! They aren't doing this to help Britney, even if it does! They are making money out of her, as always!
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