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  1. Cade shouldn't be getting hate from fans! This whole "he could've go to the police" thing is better said than done and not just because of the agreement he sign that could possibly ruin his life. But mostly cause the Britney situation, even if it is bizarre, was do under the law. A judge allowed every move that was made. It wouldn't be just his voice against the TeamCon, it would've been his voice against the whole justice system. He is not someone know in the media. He speaking out wouldn't get many attention from big media. It would just ruin his life and get him away from Britney, leaving her more alone than she already is! And for us, fans, he would probably be today just another Sam Lufti... Let's face it: the only person who could've change things by speaking out is Britney herself. Even the doc only helped a little, everyone focused on her being abuse by the media and not in her current situation. Was Britney statements that changed everything.
  2. So, you now saying she was force to take a picture with her boops out against her will? Do you have some proof of what you saying? Or is just your need to turn anything into a conspiracy so Britney can fit perfectly on the image you create about her and how she is supposed to be? Not everything in Britney's life is a lie. She is still there and has no obligation to be whoever you want her to be! To presume that everything that you don't like from her is certainly from TeamCon is the same thing then silencing Britney.
  3. Just wondering... Why would Britney send a picture of herself with her boops out to TeamCon? Or why would she take it a picture like that in a phone control by others? For me, this picture is another proof that this is Britney posting!
  4. After 13+ years of taking strong brain medications against her will, I would've expect some changes on her train of thoughts...
  5. I feel really strange answering questions on how Britney feels about something... Isn't she the only one who can answer that? Lately, I've been noticed how dangerous it is to try guess how someone feels.
  6. TBH, I think FF is a little generic. I listened to it a lot when were released but I hardly do it anymore, maybe just HIAM. I don't listen much of Glory either but, at least, there's personality in Britney's vocal, so I would said is a better one! And I don't put myself in the middle of this hatred towards BJ. I mean, since the album Britney, her vocals are so overly processed and it changes from one album to the next one, and in no one of them is slightly close to her (now rare) live vocals. If I start to questioning I would have to do it from BOMT to now, and I'm so not want to go there... So, from the three of them, I would probably choose BJ. Is also generic and It lacks personality on vocals, but at least it has really good EDM songs (wich I love), I listen to WB all the time, it's her best single in the 2010's, and ISBE, TIG, Passanger, NTIFY are all more memorable than anything on Glory!
  7. Is anybody else feeling done with this already? At this point, just believe in whatever the hell you want, but let's just stop trying to force others to believe in the same thing we do! If you need validation of others on your beliefs, maybe you don't believe at all.... time to change it!
  8. This conservatorship is a (old) business model... Passed through generations. Taking the life out of someone so you can own their money. What amazes me is how easy it is to make that happen in US, a country who praise itself for its democracy. BTW, thank you for the article. Very interesting!
  9. Something must have happened... I mean, JL never did nothing to help her sister, but Britney must have recently found out something about her! I wonder what it is! All I know is... Britney is coming for blood!
  10. Despite the whole drama, Britney seems so comfortable🥰. Loving this moment... She is reconnecting with herself ❤
  11. How much more threads you are going to open about this? I think, at this point, everybody already understand how you feel about it. Stop seeking validation and be ok with your own beliefs. Or change them! Otherwise, do as Britney said: go read a F...ing book!
  12. Some of you have this need to control Britney, just like TeamCon! Everything she says or do that is different than what you expected, you just assume it's not her! Britney objects to that for the simple motive that it shows the worst time and mistakes of her life. Even though if it's from a good perspective, still can be embarrassing. And as much as I appreciate the doc for make the FreeBritney grow, we should not romanticize it! They could have made the same point without using images of her shaving her head, or the umbrella one, and a lot of others. They used so would make a impact in the audience and make a hit out of it! It's ok, it's how midia works, but please let's stop pretending Britney should be in love with this!
  13. After all this years of controlling, It freaks me out to see some fans advocating for Britney to be silenced! Just don't!
  14. I think she was into it! If I have to guess, Britney has not being angry with her sister for a long time. This is something new, something happened that changed things... I believe all this people from her family pretend they were trying to get her out of this and she believed them for the most part. But she recently discovered that was not the case.
  15. So, in other words, Britney needs to be perfect so you can feel comfortable? Chill out, please! Seriously, read again Britney's message cause I think a lot of it was directed to people like you! Maybe that's the reason that is making you uncomfortable...
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