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  1. It's a lot of circumstantial arguments but, at the end, it's just an opinion! It's a biased interpretation of some facts that wouldn't hold up anywhere beyond the fandom. Most of the times I do believe it's not Britney posting those captions, but I certainly wouldn't judge someone for believing otherwise cause I have clear in my conscious that it's just my opinion. Bottom line is: no one can be 100% sure of this so far. So let people believe in whatever they want.
  2. Britney needs to speak up. I mean in video, with words coming out of her mouth. Cause this has been too much already.
  3. So you don't die, simple as that. Almost 600.000 people died of Covid only in US and you're asking why take the vaccine? When you read the scientific research (wich i doubt you did it) read full studie, and don't spread loose parts just so you can try make your point. Cause the same studies that you quoted also says that the vaccine reduce in more than 80% the chances of getting a serious infections or dying. Since US elected a real president, who actually work by the scientific rules you're dismissing it, the deaths cases drop from more than 4000/day, to less than 700/day, and went from more than 250000 cases per day to less 45000. Don't use Britney as a way to spread those trumptards/QAnon ridiculousness in here.
  4. Some people here really need to learn how interpret a sentence. Reese is clearly defending Britney and pointing out how she was just randomly label as a bad person. Midia just decide who they going to sell as 'good', and who they will sell as 'bad, and if you're put in the good place you're just lucky. There's no need for all that hate...
  5. It's not about denying Britney of anything. But making a choice of having a baby and get married right now would be horrible for her freedom, for Sam and for the baby. Britney has no freedom to rule her own life, how she's going to raise a healthy child in the middle of this mess? They always used Britney's kids to manipulate her. Plus, if the judge already don't feel comfortable in give her some control, imagined if she has a child in her body. No way a judge would take the responsibility and free Britney with a child envolve. And then, there's the whole marriage thing. Imagine you being married with a woman and have to ask for permission to her dad and Jodi and a bank to make day to day decisions, like travel, of finances or whatever. Or either, imagined you, as dad, having to share the raising of your own child with a bunch of people? Sam could never live like that, no one could, at least no one with good intentions! Marriage is hard already when it's only two envolved. And there's yet the whole psychological issue: Britney getting into a marriage with no power, no voice, no choice, no control, no support. That's a perfect set for abusive relationships. Britney deserve to be happy, yes, but she needs to focus on herself, her freedom and her health right now or this will became later just another problem.
  6. I hope it's not! The worst thing Britney can do for herself right now it's getting married and have a child.
  7. I'm just going to give an opinion but... The way this girl is being dragged, insulted and all the things I read on Twitter, just because she made a silly comment, I would said, yeah... she probably understands what Britney went through a little bit.
  8. I never really believed this guy but can't help wonder... I mean, laying about being friends with Britney is rather idiotic. All it takes is one Britney's statement saying she never spoke with him to break the whole thing and embarrasse him in public. Would him take that risk? Has he have that level of stupidity? That's the only that makes me consider, a little bit, the teeny tiny possibility of actually being true.
  9. Yes, because Sam made a agreement with the devil. Some fans wants to belive Sam has a master plan, and he is trying to free Britney by steps, but it seems like he is part of the problem. For me that's clear since day one. Jamie probably won't oppose to Sam's request about Jodi either. Without that movement on Congress, we're kinda back to the square one.
  10. I miss Britney's voice, just like that on Rock Star. Is so Britney🥰. Kinda makes me sad, though. So much work done in her voice after ITZ. That being said, Hooked On You is my favorite unreleased song ever.
  11. I'm sorry but what you said doesn't make any sense to me. No one, I mean, no one is empowered and strong 24/7. Being strong in a day and a mess in the next is what make us human. It might exist a thousand reasons to believe that Britney does not control her IG, but that is certainly not one of those.
  12. This! As far as I know, is her on those videos (even if the caption is not) and she enjoys them. We can't just decide she's being force to make videos against her will and make moves in her behalf. Cause if we're wrong, we're going to hurt her feelings so bad, that can easily backfire to the point Britney starts to believe no one cares about her anymore and give up. The risk is too high and I ain't take this responsibility. I'm not going to hurt Britney just because I think I know what's best for her. That is what James do!
  13. Fans really need to put a stop on this "I know everything better then everybody else" narrative. We are in a gray area, there's a lot of stuff we don't know. You can choose to believe in whatever you want and act from that, that's okay, but drop the arrogance. You don't know Britney's life better that anybody else. We are all just guessing. Some will believe is her on IG post, some will believe it's not, as we don't really know the truth, pick your side, it's fine! Just don't sell your opinion as a fact.
  14. If this was really Britney's words, I think you guys are misinterpreting. She only said "embarrassed", she didn't dismissed the doc. And of course she is embarrassed, is her worst nightmare and fears being yelled to the world. It's a hard situation and it's easy for us, form outside, to give full support to the doc. But is her life, her insecurities being exposed. Although it did help and it is necessary, it doesn't make easier.
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