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6 hours ago, ConceptD said:

She’s worse than Jamie. Without her complacency the conservatorship would have never happened. 

I don't agree with your first sentence however Lynn could've done sooo much more. She had four years ('08-'12) to help Britney before she became tied into a 5-year residency contract. I believe when Jamie cut Lynn off financially, she decided to get involved by becoming an interested party. I can't even use the word help, because she never filed a petition to terminate the conservatorship. It speaks volume that Britney doesn't exclude Lynn when she talks about her family in a negative manner. 

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5 hours ago, blackoutinthezone said:

Lynne could've done more. Hell, anything. It's been 13 years! In Britney's own words: "My whole family did nothing." And I'm sorry but I don't believe the excuse that "Lynne is terrified of Jamie, too, so she had no choice but to keep quiet." She must've known about the abuse, gaslighting, and neglect. She couldn't have sought help from an outside party? Never? All this time? Nah, it don't pass muster. I'm glad she's finally doing the right thing for Britney's sake but Lynne should absolutely be held accountable. They've all robbed Britney 13 years of her life that she will never get back. Not to mention the psychological trauma she will have to work through after this.

What's the right thing? She got herself some lawyers two years ago but never filed a petition to terminate the conservatorship. What was the point of becoming an interested party? She did the bare minimum and Britney is aware of this.

Like you said it doesn't make sense that Lynn was afraid of Jamie when Britney was the one with the means. Britney could've hired security to keep Jamie away. Lynn clearly didn't support Britney when she needed it the most ("listen to your father") instead she enabled the man who abused her and later their daughter. How do you just stand back and watch your child get abused? 

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6 hours ago, ConceptD said:

She’s worse than Jamie. Without her complacency the conservatorship would have never happened. 

She’s definitely not worse than Jamie, however her compliance speaks levels. Back then however I do think they genuinely thought this was for her own good (take in how influential Lou appeared in circles- she was obviously up to no good at all but I’m sure with the stigma and hate around Britney’s mental health at the time, they likely didn’t see another option). They are clearly all crooked though. 

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54 minutes ago, Sea flower said:

I would not encourage to attack Lynne, yes she has made mistakes, but she hired the only attorneys that fought for Britney during the past months. I think she deverves a chance for redemption.

Yes... But it seems as though she only did it more for her own redemption, rather than Britney's best interest. 

I mean it's better than nothing...


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I just think that Lynne was ****ed up by the same person --> Jamie.

I just don't like what she did with Kevin Federline and Larry Rudolph behind Britney's back (te rehab plot). I think she's just ignorant and have a too passive personality, there's not much to blame, she passed thru a lot of abusive situations in her life so she just wants to be nice and try to live in peace the most she can? idk, I don't like to see her being attacked, the rest of her family i don't care 

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Let’s not find Lynne excuses... She plays the ignorant mother, but she was well aware of everything, and complicit since the start of the cship in 2008.
She encouraged Britney to follow the rules and to be obedient and submissive. She watched her daughter suffer during 13 years. She knew Jamie was abusive and she let him be abusive towards their daughter.

For what? Money, money, money.
She’s 100% Team Con.

I think after the mental facility episode and the pressure of the freebritney movement, Britney asked her for help.

And Lynne is helping just to not feel guilty, to be at the end on the good side of the story, and of course to keep her image of the good Christian mother who loves and cares for her children.

But she does not care about Britney and Britney knows it ! I feel that once the Freedom will be official, she will not be part of Britney’s life anymore. 

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