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Crossroads ending scene

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5 hours ago, Prachi said:

I never really understood the hate towards this movie, Britney did great acting - yes story is not socking extraordinary but it was suited for the time. I freakin love this movie, going back to her old shoots and interviews or videos I truly feel sad. This women never deserved any hate, sure everybody cannot be a fan but saying she's overrated just angers me. This women became a star in her own rights, no connections nothing. Where she reached is purely on her hardwork - when she wanted to compete, girl didn't let female star breathe for 10 years straight. What Britney achieved in just 4 years of her career, I am still to see this kind of mania for another pop artist. 

Britney is truly a pure soul, I feel so sad how this family and media has destroyed this women - she has so much sadness in her eyes. Britney will be free I am sure, but no matter what women lost her whole youth - her time as a mother with her sons. I just hope I see her eyes like before again, nothing more I wish. 

When you're the biggest and bright star there will always be people trying to turn you off

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If I’m honest the story is amazing (and so is all the acting). It tackles r***, abandonment, controlling parents, not exactly your usual rom-com. Also the fact that the writer and the director, alongside the lead and main supporting cast were female, would put this film way ahead of its time. I recently watched it with my 12 year old daughter and she absolutely loved it! Yes she loves Britney (well duh 😅) but she thought the film was amazing and she watched it a few times since. And that’s 20 years later. It tells me it’s definitely a good film! 

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