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  1. Also tell me you are a small newspaper, without you telling me you’re a small newspaper: ”The makers of ‘Free Britney’ 🤦🏻‍♂️😅 have now released ‘Controlling Britney Spears’, a new documentary that features interviews with key insiders and those with first-hand information about the conservatorship that has controlled the pop star’s life.”
  2. Da fuq? That’s my local paper 🤯 I never thought people outside Cumbria knew it exited 😅
  3. Not this C**t again 🙄 Yes. This is the man Britney ***ually harassed. FML, that was definitely a team Con trick, to make the public think Britney is not right in the head. They also settled out of court with this POS. And interestingly, look who crawled out of the woodwork. Claiming Britney’s better off under the C-ship, whilst the ******* C-ship is the one thing that abusing her 🤷🏻‍♂️🤯
  4. He just says it how he sees it, and he knows his opinion won’t be everyone’s cup of tea! I also love the fact he really analyses the lyrics and the production as well. So it’s not just a quick, uninformed like it or I don’t (in the album and video reactions) He also learned some of Britney’s most iconic choreos, those vids are hilarious, too!
  5. Love him! He became a Stan when he started doing reaction videos for Britney’s discography, about a year ago! Those vids worth checking out, too!
  6. He made sure that even Jason wasn’t making eye contact. I mean what kind of Fresh hell is this?! 🧐
  7. His name is Tom Parker. He has an in-operable brain tumour 😒 They are doing some re-union gigs around the UK, I’ve seen a poster recently, and Tom’s on it. Hopefully that’s means he’s ok.
  8. I remember this, when it came out in the press, it kinda made Britney seem like a Diva, when it was these arse-hats all along! 😒
  9. This is a good sign! 🥰 Does the Britney account follow Fe? Also I follow both of Fe’s accounts. Did Sam, or just one?
  10. Is it just mean or is it highly suss, that whenever Britney actually speaks in this “thing” it’s just her voice 🤔 What was the reason for that? I think it’s so they didn’t have to worry in case Britney says something to one of the production crew, if they were gonna film her in a set up like Jamie Loan... sitting in a chair all on her own... After all they couldn’t have Robin Greengoblin standing behind her, breathing down her neck, staring her out in the shot 😑 And yeah. About the security being family. Edan’s middle name must be either Jamie or Lynne 🤷🏻‍♂️ Forking Bench!
  11. When I saw Ronan Farrow is involved I got a bit more confident about this one. I wonder what they unearthed besides the Christian books thing. I don’t have high expectations, so if there’s anything, it’ll be a bonus 🙌🏻😎
  12. That’s like Ted Bundy going to a protest against Serial Killers 🤯 They got some nerve, I give you that .
  13. This guy, Andy, has been fairly invested in the progress of Britney’s case. He regularly collaborates with Christopher Melcher. He’s absolutely outraged, just like all of us! We really need this documentary to go viral! The biggest issue I think, that it hasn’t been as widely broadcasted as FBS was. Hopefully that will change! People need to see this documentary!!! Any more reactions you’ve seen? What a harrowing photo as well! Quite fittingly, a rose 🌹 between two pricks thorns 😏
  14. Here here! Exactly. I love how Samantha Liz was already a fan from long ago, whereas Liz Samantha admittedly didn’t know / think much of Britney besides the basics, and now she’s worked on these, she totally became a committed supporter and has tremendous amount of respect for her. They both do 🥰
  15. Take this with a bag pinch of salt, it’s The Mirror after all https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/britney-spears-talks-meghan-markle-25072106.amp?__twitter_impression=true
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