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  1. Imagine that Anson-britney reunion 2021: clearly meant to be <3
  2. Yes, Slayer. I love it when you show me the way. Because it's always you, haven't you noticed? Only you. Thank u so much. Gr8 post, thanks 4 sharing love u xoxo
  3. For no reason? This is a Britney Spears forum. We're fighting for Britney's freedom. Not Lindsay Lohan's haggard looks or impossible comeback.\ or neverending addictions. We're commenting a post related to Britney's current legal battle that happens to involve Paris Hilton and her comments on the MATTER. #FREEBRITNEY, stay on topic or gtfo, sweetie.
  4. I like cats too but this is not Britney posting or sending in captions. Y'all should be smarter about that.
  5. No, because even a drunk f-ckup like Lindsay Lohan has rights. So does Britney and hers were taken away. And I don't give a damn about Linday Lohan's career or looks, but you clearly do. Still. Lindsay Lohan is NOT like Britney Spears. Lindsay Lohan has freedom and she has chosen ALL THESE YEARS to remain a drunk hustling mess in Dubai. Now, why don't YOU sthu. btw stop trying to equate Lindsay with Britney, or make Lindsay's comeback happen..
  6. That's the thing, I mostly agree wirh everything you just said. It was very well put. Except for the Lindsay part. She has had way too many chances and she keeps screwing up. You'd think after that MTV reality show she'd become insurable again and attractive to Hollywood producers, as in, talented and professional. But no. She's still a mess. I'm not making fun of that. I'm just stating facts. Yes, people are free to praise her peak work. Mean Girls was iconic. But please... Britney and Lindsay are NOT the same. And they'll never be. #FreeBritney
  7. Either this is a lie from him and a way to stall some more, or him and Loucifer figured out a way to drain Britney of all of her hard earned millions, leave her penniless and then force her to ask him for money and thus extend the control he loves having over her. not buying it tho.
  8. there's literally court papers made public where it clearly says that Britney Spears the brand is in charge of all her social media. And really, you're criticizing "conspiracy theories"? Wasn't the #FreeBritney movement considered a conspiracy itself? An agenda clearly pushed by Team Con? Did you NOT listen to a word Britney said? SHE'S TRAPPED. SHE'S A SLAVE. And yet here we are. Britney asking for help to the whole world and the world listening. Get on with the program or simply take a seat and remain silent, sweetie. It's not a cute look. #FreeBritney
  9. The delusion. Lindsay is still an uninsurable drunk toxic f*c.k-up. Allegedly.
  10. Ugh, Britney DOES NOT have access to her Instagram. AT ALL. Do you really it's her after that explosive testimony where she threw everyone under the bus? Don't you think she would've done a hundred IG lives right now denouncing all her enslavers and asking for help? Like, really? I don't think she writes her own posts. We've all seen dozens of Britney letters over the years and tbh that's not her style. And why would they ask her for approval of captions and posts, when she really doesn't have a say in anything? It's that witch Cassie Petrey or whatever her name is. It's always been. We've seen what Cassie's instagram and twitter sounds like. It's very "Britney". or maybe the other way around. geez.
  11. Hm that's a great point. Maybe she got used to not being her 100% self and now thinks knee tapping and arm flapping is hardcore dancing. Or maybe, just maybe, it's the meds.
  12. Aw, she's trying to keep her Netflix gig and prevent being cancelled. Clearly there are other ways you could be profitting off of the conservatorship. Remember when you wanted Loucifer to transfer you like a gazillion dollars from Britney's fortune? Nice try, C_unt.ie Lynn.
  13. ADAM STREISAND NEEDS TO BE RE-HIRED AS BRITNEY'S ATTORNEY! The way he implied the shady dealing between Team Con-Scam Ingham and TMZ. Priceless.
  14. here you go, sweetie. and everybody skip to 14:58 Thank God this has gone mainstream. I hope Chris Cuomo helps uncover all the corruption behind Team Con and talks about this EVERY SINGLE DAY until Britney is free! BTW I don't regret criticizing Britney's horrible performing abilities because I didn't know. I just thought she was being mediocre and moody. But now that I know everything that went on behind the scenes... I would to apologize to her. Poor thing, imagine being enslaved by your own family and "team" and being forced to interact with lots of people, tour the world but not being really free to do as you please. all the mind games, gaslighting, lying and abuse. UGH! Poor Britney!!! EDIT: GUYYYSSSS ADAM STREISAND IS DRAGGING SAM INGHAM AND TEAM CON FOR FILTH! CALLING THEM ALL OUT, EVEN THE TEAM CON-TMZ CONNECTION! ADAM NEEDS TO BE BRITNEY'S ATTORNEY AGAIN!! LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  15. that's a law firm Sam Ingham hired to help him. Now Sam is quitting. Where does that leave us? What would Shaggy think about people trusting Ingham's "good intentions"?
  16. Yeah, but shouldn't we be loud enough with the money matter as well? It's obvious by now that's what gets Loucifer the most pissed and makes her send cease and dessist letters. And she's got soo many high profile clients, like the Kardashians... What if those clients start dropping her. What if people like Mariah, Miley, etc, keep speaking up and start shaming other celebs working with Lou? I hope the people working on the upcoming Britney documentaries are already aware of this, we need to put pressure from all sides.
  17. I know, it's just...watching all these rats jump ship... you know damn well they got a plan.
  18. Yes, our main focus should be helping her the best way we can, as fans, to regain her freedom. But we can't forget about the fraudulent money movements by Loucifer and Colon to bank accounts in Panama and such. What if the new plan is to steal all of Britney's money and allow her to be free and... poor?! Shouldn't we be making other lawyers and opinion leaders aware of this possibility? Tell people with means to dig deeper and check the shell companies her dad and Lou Taylor have their names all over. You know they weren't created in Britney's best interest. But I believe with a proper investigation, her money WILL be found. They abused our poor girl enough and now we're gonna allow them to steal all of her hard earned coins?! #FreeBritney #InvestigateLouTaylor #FollowTheMoney
  19. She's lying and trying to paint herself as a victim in order to secure her lame gig at Netflix.
  20. What does it all mean? At least they had the basic decency of stepping back. But it worries me that now James will be the sole conservator again. How is this any good? That’s how you know Britney isn’t lying about him. He really doesn’t give af about her wellbeing, just her money and owning her whole being. #FREEBRITNEY!
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