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  1. So is this gonna be a thing now? Us hunting for Britney's off-camera voice in all of Scam's IG stories? Is this the new "She was definitely singing live, you just have to filter it out if the main track of the performance, and adjust the gain levels, and maybe dub it slightly with some old vocals where she briefly sand two or three words-- BUT SHE'S DEF SINGING LIVE!!!" ? ... we're so hopeful and persevering.
  2. ikr? not at all stunt casting because of his world superstar conservatee girlfriend.
  3. I would ask her if she really has a psychiatric condition, what it is and if that, or medication, prevents her from dancing like she used to and obviously, being FREE. those are the million dollar questions, let's not fool ourselves with superficial crap.
  4. Agreed. She looks cute and fierce. But that's not Britney posting those. If anything... glad that Britney had so much fun making that content for her handlers to post on Instagram. smh
  5. Wow this was actually a very informative interview. Of course she doesn't handle her own social media. Ppl need to wake up and stop hyping the **** out of her instagram. Of course they force-- I mena, they "cause" her to do things, work, etc. That lawyer girl is very smart and laid it all out perfectly for anyone to understand. Britney IS trapped. There's no official record of her being declared sick with dementia. This smells foul everywhere. Poor Britney. And that part about the doctor she spoke to in 2019-- who would've probably declared her sane-- dying.... damn. #FreeBritney
  6. That was an okay impression, I guess. I'm not sure what she was trying to say here.... I mean was it a compliment? Was it shade? Do we love Megan Fox?
  7. The whole world is rooting for Britney. People are starting to snoop around, journalists no less. Frigging Netflix soon... People are NOT gonna let this go.
  8. Exactly. He's veeeery shady and comes off rather opportunistic. If that convo actually happened, he was probably talking to Colon and Loucifer, and Britney happened to be around. And then he asked "omg should I do it? Jamie says I should, oh hey Britney, hi. So what do you think, should I invest in Uber too? Your dad has invested in your name, so..." Britney: Um sure, do it. Seems very cool and faded. K. bye. years later.... Lance: LIKE OMG, BRITNEY IS A TOTAL FINANCE GURU AND ADVICED ME TO INVEST IN UBER, LIKE, WE'RE SO CLOSE AND SHE'S A GENIUS, LIKE OMG. BRITNEY IS MY BFF, PLEASE INTERVIEW ME, YAS! make him go away.
  9. So basically Britney went through an emotional crisis in her 20's and spent huge sums of money, like crazy tons of money. Her father watched in horror.... because he feared she'd go broke and of course, their precious cash cow would dry off. Enter Loucifer, she adviced Colon Spears and both waited for the right time. Britney had that meltdown at K-Fat's house (allegedly, maybe it was a setup and he pissed her off on purpose???) That would explain why the paramedics were so suspiciously rude to Lynne and threatened her if she came near Britney. The conservatorship was put in place, they told Britney it would only be temporary. The conservatorship proved to be a profitable business, they bought off everyone involved, doctors, experts, judges, etc., even her court appointed lawyer. At the same time, they threatened Britney and told her she would never see her boys again if she didn't comply. Britney had to accept the new rules. They brainwashed her with her doctors, Britney developed some kind of Stockholm syndrome she loves her family but at the same time, knows it's wrong and gets very anxious socially and some days she feels like not doing anything that will earn profit. Hence her "off days" in Vegas, her not dancing properly (due to some meds as well), etc. And all this time, everyone has made a profit off of Britney. The superstar who traveled the world and was forced to work with manipulations, while still being trapped in a golden cage. Until she rebelled... #FreeBritney
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