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  1. Why is this post bad but this other isn't? smh the hypocrisy. Anyway it's a Britney Spears forum for God's sake. If you don't like it, don't post, don't interact, as simple as that.
  2. This makes total sense. It could also explain her horrible social anxiety. my heart hurts a little by just thinking about her situation.
  3. I hear ya but newer generations who are just discovering Britney and are rooting for her need to get the full picture. Culturally, we've changed. There are consequences for your actions.
  4. Well there you have it. It seemed to you. Obvious to you. It's your opinion, based on your subjective view. I never said anything pertaining to his looks. I said it "it shows" ironically because he was pulling the "title/degree/job" card, trying to show superiority while at the same time calling me bitter and petty. Aren't fitness instructors supposed to be positive and encouraging? lol All this because of a "I don't support Justin " kind of thread? Excuse me, isn't this a Britney forum? Wasn't JT a **** to her all this time? Mundane activities? Who the f does he think he is? Or you? Ok, I'll do something "productive" with my spare time as soon as this Britney Spears forum starts posting about deep smart topics like physics, economy and politics. Oh and world peace, don't forget world peace. how about that?
  5. I'm sure she's being monitored 24/7, by security camera, and some indoor living handlers camouflaging as assistants/lovers, etc. You know, really normal conservatorship stuff. But the camera in question seems photoshopped. I feel like Jamie Spears was advised by Loucifer to use more stealthy cameras, like super small and disguised as everyday objects. Very shady stuff.
  6. lol it's a good song tho, about positivity and not ****-shaming
  7. Basically this. Geez, now all of the sudden people fear of hurting Justin's feelings while Britney is trapped in a corrupt conservatorship and the whole world is rooting for her, for the first time in years the general public is actively defending Britney and denouncing the conservatorship, a documentary has aired in dozens of countries calling out her family and the hypocritical media, which btw contributed to ruining Britney during her most trying years... And this very important documentary, called out effing Justin Timberlake and that music video... But sure, let's spare Justin's feelings but #FreeBritney while we're at it smh contradicting petty "fans". fellow Henry Cavill worshipper, may I remind you that twitter pressure made Justin Timberlake officially apologize to both Janet Jackson and Britney? That was significant and necessary. Social media pressure is important nowadays. Alas, not the same as simply down-voting a despicable music video which ****-shamed and still to this day, ****-shames a woman. That is never okay. How am I insulting his appearance? It is you who's putting words in my mouth and it's not cute. He was being plain rude and petty in MY thread, I did nothing to elicit such a reaction, I suggested working out because it's been proved by science to make people less anxious and happier. Look it up, it's common knowledge. And said user seemed to need some of those happy hormones. Log off? Why? You log off. And while you're at it, keep in mind that *I* always sing live. Ikr? So many defenders of Justin Timberlake's *amazing* body of work and commendable women-respecting tendencies... in a Britney Spears forum. but whatever-- #FreeBritney
  8. Good for you, it totally shows... So it's true what they say, some gays can be misogynistic as well. That's awful. Please refrain from further interacting with me on this forum .
  9. Yup, she knew exactly what was going on with his solo act strategy yet decided not to expose him publicly.
  10. Not you suggesting I do housework because I'm a woman, but okay. I'm working out as we speak, thank you very much. You should try some of that too hun You know, for the dopamine and feel good hormones...............................................................
  11. The Framing Britney Spears documentary made a big deal about the breakup and Justin Timberlake's shadiness making this music video. They dedicated like a whole segment to this matter. It's relevant. It's current news. Today, Janet Jackson's former stylist is exposing Justin Timberlake. If you don't support Britney, then what the h.eck are you doing here? I suggest you to f.-cking get with the program or GTFO.
  12. Meanwhile, that video has more likes than dislikes. Disliking it doesn't mean watching it. You pause it and dislike. The view cannot be counted. Either way, no one's forcing anyone to take a stance FOR Britney, right?
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