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  1. Waiting til someone brought the receipts i was too lazy to do it myself when i read the og post
  2. So he thinks one of the worlds biggest superstars would be broke without the supervision of an uneducated, unemployed abusive drunk who filed for bankruptcy before besides having a couple of other failed bussiness ventures and she is the one who needs him??? Ok then, u cant fight common sense kiddo
  3. Connsidering we’ve gathered some evidence that britney might lurk in here every now and then i think we should just stop making threads talking about her health or mental state not only because it might be offensive to her but also we really have no idea and we are just speculating about something really serious and personal based on instagram videos we should focus on trying to make things easier for her to come back into the real world l, she must be so nervous
  4. Ofc its about christina but it doesnt have to be that serious, its a joke relax u really think its a coincidence christina uploaded that video out of all the hbd videos sshe recorded it and then britney randomly decided to say hbd fausto in a post? Please maybe floptina was trying to shade jaime sarcastically saying hbd to him after being removed, and britney didnt get the joke or maybe just decided to play along with it chill
  5. I took it that he did go to see her but refused to work for them after he saw her so medicated i know weve heard about this sort of stuff before but im particularly worried that hes saying he saw her 8-9 months ago, is this still going on?
  6. Now this is ridiculous lmao, netflix was no controlling britney but comparing it to the utter trash that was the cnn lmfao if u really are a film maker u should consider changing profession
  7. This is the perfect doc for the gp! It really goes from beginning to current day in an amazing way it covers pretty much everything, it doesnt feel rush and they even slow down at times to share some insider info that im sure the gp wll appreciate cuz of the crime doc vibe that it gets in those parts for us fans there wasnt much new but yeah for the gp is perfect so im glad that netflix did it since its basically the platform with the widest reach if they dig it u should totally suggest urs friends to watch controllingbritneh after, since that one offers more of a closer look with inside info
  8. I didnt know u could delete google reviews? Does anyvody know how???
  9. What was so funny about my post? Stop claiming **** when u dont even know what ure talking about, we have the media for that
  10. Matm and everytime were number 1 hits ww, so who cares about the us tbh Britney has been praised for her songwriting skills by the producers she works with, besides if u dig up a bit into the reviews of her albums credits tend to mention her writing skills as a surprise to them and often comment about how shes not particularly known for them she wrote touch of my hand and i think thats the best song shes ever written but everytime was a worldwide smash she should get more credit she has a very unique style when writing songs
  11. They have been dating for 5 years thats longer than most celebrities’ MARRIAGES, let her live its her money if she wants to get a prenup she will and if she doesnt thats fine too, people here complain about jaime’s controlling ways and then go and judge her every move
  12. if youre an old fan you can totally notice why they shifted to playback during performances, go back and watch the bomt era promo performances she did completely live watch how little she danced, she didnt even attempt some of the moves but vocals were on point. then enter the oops era when she completely shook the world with her high energy vma performance and that was it, thats when they knew the world wanted to see her dance her *** off and her career really shaped after that Live vocals were quickly replaced by harder and harder choreography and for the oops, britney and itz era she only did the ballads live and in that particular everytime performance from the onyx hotel that someone mentioned before she sounded out of breath cuz she had just finished performing one of those songs with hard choreo and there really wasnt anytime to catch her breath. tbh we may complain from time to time about the lipsynching but britney wouldnt be the same without it, cuz its literally humanly impossible to perform like she did while singing live most of the artists that dance today (which are not a lot) sing only the verses live while they walk on stage and when the chorus starts the playback does too so they can dance and yell some random word live here and there without worrying about staying on key problem is britney set the bar so high for herself that her fans would crucify her if she dared to walk through a performance for enough time to sing a bit live
  13. We all know this is a tactic, wether britney hit her or not idc i mean can u blame her? Idk shes being forced to live in her own house with strangers picked by her father who she despises that would take a toll on everyone and its been 13 years, maybe they should look at this the other way around and understanding the incredible amount of stress shes under living in these conditions and let her out of the cship once and for all. this cship was supposed to get her better and its clearly not working if shes snapping at people like this, she must be fed up about the whole thing i mean i cant imagine what its been like for 13 years to live under someone elses restrains to the point of sharing my house with strangers who are obviously gonna side with him cuz hes paying them with my money! Id be snapping too or worse this is why cships are not meant for conscious or lucid people no one in their own mind could stand having their lives completely controlled for over a decade, this could only work for really incapacitated people who cant understand whats going on, but if youre sane enough to feel and keep a recollection of everything that happens ure bound to snap its human nature
  14. I to this day wonder how this condition theyve been claiming for years britney has allowed her to learn a script and act on tv shows 2 months after the cship came into place? i just cant think of a disease or condition that is so dangerous but still allows you to learn and execute heavy choreography and risky stunts live on tour around the world? If she was so addicted how did she manage to handle all the withdrawal symptoms good enough to function as a world class performer in front of thousands of people? If she was so mentally ill how did she had the discipline to learn all this choreography and do all this stunts where she was flying midair with no harness on? completely sane and healthy people would have a hard time pulling off the work she did in such an amazing way. This makes no sense, at all.
  15. Remember she lost custody of her kids so im pretty sure they told her the only way she could get to see them again fast was through the cship so she complied, she knew if she refused and started a custody battle it would be a long time before she got a chance to see them again
  16. Im trying to figure out what was the motivation behind making this thread? did you really think it was necessary? What specific event triggered you to make it? The dog issue? Assuming it was the dog issue then i guess you were trying to state how it might actually be possible she didnt take good care of her dogs but if you’ve been a fan for as long as you say, you should know shes not even legally capacitated to take care of herself, and u should also know that the way she got into this legal situation wasnt at all fair or legal yet shes been stuck in it for over 13 years Why make a thread focused on wether or not this victimized person is guilty of an act that shes not even legally permitted to be responsible for in the first place? shouldnt you and everyone of us be trying to keep the focus on idk maybe reinstalling her most basic rights that were illegally stripped from her? poor girl, she hasnt even started handling her life again and there are already threads focused on her “rumored” mistakes about the way she cares for her dogs she literally cant win, and this is exactly why her fans will have a tendency of defending her almost blindly because we have been witnesses of the injustice shes endured from the whole world for decades. So no, your attempt to have a neutral approach in the discussion is for the moment not necessary nor beneficial and in fact it could possibly be making things worse.
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