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A lil thing about Sam and his sisters.

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Good night Exhale. 

I know you guys probably had this discussion here before but it came back strong on Twitter (I wont post the thread bc I don't want to attack anyone personally). Before:

1: I'm not Sam's side, I just believe that we have to work with the truth. Making conspiracies and comparisons like this without first researching takes away the veracity of our freebritney movement. So I researched and Im writing here.

2: Pls be respectful. This is very serious. 

They were saying on Twitter about Sam having a hidden relationship with his "supposed" sister Fay. Claiming that maybe they weren't real siblings. (stepmother / stepfather stuff maybe). This is not real.

Looking at Fay's online behavior, she is like her brother. She likes to appear on the internet more than her sisters and show us more about her professional life. Sister Maddie is more reserved and Elahe appears super little - her instagram is blocked. I believe this is a question of personality, right? Maybe that's why it seems that he is closer only to Fay but looking at the posts it seems that the girls are very close to each other and all the siblings.

About being siblings or not... Yes, they are. The same woman Sam calls "mother" and has pictures with her when he was a child, is the woman who calls Fay a daughter. Also, they are spending the Holidays together (the 3 daughters and mom). Fay posted a storie this weekend with "My only queen" caption (unfortunately I forgot to do a screenshot).

Maddie and Fay have the same job (they are nurses) but Fay also works / worked (idk) as a model too and that is why she went with Sam to places like the Movie Premiere of Can You Keep a Secret and this things

Nobody needs to like him but we need to respect his family IMO. If he looks happier with his sister than with Britney in the pictures (as was said in the thread), this is an other question.

Final words before all photos

1: Sam and his sisters live in the USA for MANY years, they were born in Iran but have American culture since teen

2: Look for real receipts to get Sam into Team Cship definitely, not our thoughts or anything done in Microsof Paint. I'm looking for.


With her mom




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27 minutes ago, Sparkling said:

Lmao I wasn't going to spend my f!cking time if someone hadn't started it. I went to look to see if the person was right. And not to defend Sam.

Everyone who is not anti Sam is maxi byeeeeee

Cute, u definitely lost your time defending him here lol. It's Just a silly twitter rumor, I didn't see people here saying the creepy woman isn't his sister.

I can't blame people for speculating about his life tho... There's a big number of lies about his past, like the college stuff, some of his old jobs, yadayada. That's what happens when a person lies way too much. liar lying GIF

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I don't like this. Flame me if you want but I tend to take any info about Sam with a grain of salt, whether it's positive or negative. Unless it comes out that he's abusing Britney or is a convicted felon, I kind of think he should be left alone. Call him a fame*o or whatever but he seems to make Britney happy, and even Jayden said on his Instagram Live that he thought Sam was a good guy. 

Britney is not going to meet a normal guy who is not in the industry, at least not right now. Honestly with limited access to her kids and a protracted legal fight against her own father for her basic legal rights, Sam appears to be a bright spot in Britney's life for the moment. She is always smiling with him and does not hide her goofy or playful side in front of him.

I could be wrong, and down the line if it turns out that Sam is just another leech, I'll get onboard with the haters. But think about how Britney would feel if her fans were spreading rumors about her boyfriend who for all we know has been good to her. 

Hate on Jamie and Voldemort (y'all know who I'm talking about - I just call her that so she doesn't have more ammo against Jordan or this site) but I feel like Sam is a somewhat normal guy who may enjoy the perks that come with dating Britney but genuinely cares about her and is stuck between a rock and a hard place. If he doesn't toe the line, her team will remove him from her life. But at the same time, if he's a hot distraction from the mess she's dealing with, let Britney have that. 

Music Video Sunglasses GIF by Britney Spears

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Are people really believing that?? Omg. give that woman a moustache and she looks exactly like Sam, and especially Sams mother. Wow people are discusting.. 
Yes leave his family alone, and leave Britney and Sam the **** alone. How can we support her right to make her own decisions if we cant "trust" Sam IS her decision. Friends or lovers, who the hell cares, he is there because she wants him to be. Face it, James Spears would have fired him years ago if he could.


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I dont know anything about this, but he looks like his Dad.

TBH i really think that Britney and Sam aren’t a real couple. I feel that Britney is Sam’s beard and Sam is hella gay. Sorry but I think this is the situation. Their pics just come across as “besties” not lovers. 

Just my thoughts:jj_janet_smirk_hehe_haha_lmao_lol_giggle:

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