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  1. Tea. More proof of the hypocrisy and corruption in the whole thing imo.
  2. Idk. I like Paris and i get the extremity of the case but it feels like she's only really started acknowledging it in earnest now that it's ~in the news~
  3. Lmao the edited caption though ☠️
  4. Omg imagine As for not having his #, yeah didn't thr doc say something ab someone dressing up as a **** plumber so she could contact.him or something!! Crazy ****
  5. It fits really well into this whole story. I wouldn't be surprised. Being a Britney fan be like revelations every day
  6. Yeah, definitely. There's a lot of money and corruption in this story, and a lot of people with things to lose lol. Lou Taylor for sure lurks. Hi hun
  7. FR!! omg gay security guy mentioning tri star investigating the security does the doc drop anything new we don't know?? I CANT WAIT TO FIND OUT SOMEONE PLZ TELL ME
  8. its on youtube if you search the title. lol I DON'T CHECK IN ON BRITNEY NEWS FOR TWO DAYS AND WHAT i tucking in now to watch the doc and read all y'all reactions. i'm gooped
  9. I can see where he's coming from maybe (though I'm sure he's made money off Britney's name ... Not a read just a fact), but if the documentary focuses on the corruption all around her instead of Britney herself, it can only help. Framing Britney Spears was already about Britney the person and symbol, and did a huge service to turning the general public's opinion about her - ppl love to talk when you're wearing Britney merch lol and I've even noticed a diff in how they talk about her and the case since after that doc. Hopefully the doc plays out like the trailer hints and has some bombshells about the lawyers/judges/lou? If not, then yes it's just a rehash and cashing in on the current Britney fascination of the GP. I like Sam, but it's hard to take him seriously about this stuff bc Brit literally plucked him from obscurity. Man's banked from Britney, whether or not you have a weird opinion on the legitimacy of their relationship. Just feels strange that's all. I'd love to just hear how Britney feels about this from her directly, and not just social media posts.
  10. Please. The movement literally precedes Penny. This guy is always using freebritney for attention.
  11. I mean, sure, she may have gotten locked in the bathroom, i didn't say this didn't really happen, but definitely the way the story was written was intended to be a joking nod toward her conservatorship battle (that is to say, she's speaking about it ~*~metaphorically~*~) Do i think every little thing she posts is a secret message? Not really. But the coincidences are pretty blatant on some (her posts when the doc came out for instance). Idk. It's fun to converse about I don't think it's that serious
  12. Yeah this. She's also such a weirdo that some people don't get it and think she's serious. I live for Trollney Love that she actually said that words conservatorship
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