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Britney Spears lawyers up against her father because he plans on opposing her wishes


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On 9/21/2020 at 7:41 PM, Buffybot said:

Yeah, I feel the team + RCA will try to push her to work somehow next year.

I hope doesn't happen and they only release Scary as an "gift" for fans like Mood Ring was... since FF 10 year anniversary, yadayada. That's enough for me :bedtime_britney_book_Reading:

The only "GIFT" we want is her freedom.

Who ******* cares about a Bonus song from an album that is almost 10 years old. Get your priorities straight!

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This is huge! HUGE!! OH God, brace yourselves people the battle just started and this lawyers are coming for winning. They will do everything in their power to free her, because at the end it will be  great PR for them, this case is going to be the next OJ Simpson/MJ level of case.

KARMA is coming after you Loucifer and Colon, they better brace themselves. 

Im amazed how those demons are willing to fight, there is no winning for them. If Britney stays in the cship it will only destroy her brand and there will be no more income for them, are they so blind? are they so stupid that cant realize they are the architects of their own demise? 

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I cannot express how huge this is. Britney is totally fed up and coherent and tired of being used as a cash cow.  Conservatorships are for people who can’t take care of themselves. But at the same time. She is Someone who can have successful albums back to back. Do world tours.  Do xfactor as judge  and have the number one Vegas residency for years since 2013? Something isn’t right. If she’s “incapable” then how is she able to do all that.   She even admitted in a note leaked by Tmz her kids are used as a threat  which is sad. If she doesn’t follow the orders she can’t see her kids.  Which is so sad.   she’s almost 40.... and being treated as a child.   She isn’t even allowed to get pregnant and was rumored she was forced to get an ******** in 2010. I’m so glad she is fighting this  please Britney keep going ❤️   so now she is refusing to work so her father and team can’t make money off her anymore so those devils can’t get paid.  she has an A + team of lawyers fighting for her.   I’ve been a Britney fan since I was a child since I was 8 years old.   I miss going to my dance studio session classes years ago when I was tenneager and up to 20 years old  dancing to Britney. She was always my idol.  

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3 hours ago, Z_Phoenix20 said:

She isn’t even allowed to get pregnant and was rumored she was forced to get an ******** in 2010.

I heard rumours about the time she was Justin Timberlake and the time she was with Jason Trawick. Rumours aren't always true; Billie Piper once confirmed they made up such a rumour about her after she had gone to a medical clinic because of (iirc) a stomach ailment.

This also: "Piper says that ultimately she coped with all the rumours, but she appreciates now how hard it must have been for her family. "There's pictures of me on the front of the Sport with my **** falling out at a concert. It must have been **** for my dad down at Jewson's getting his cement. I never thought about it at the time. Or my mum picking the kids up from school and nobody wanting to talk to her about her any more. It must have been terrible when people would say I was doing coke or having ********* every other week."
Billie: Pop star. Teen wife. Time traveller

I'll only believe any of it if Britney confirms it herself, but I would not put anything past certain controlling types. Sinéad O'Connor once revealed how she was pressured by her record label to have an ********. She was told, taking the plane so often, there'd be a problem w/ the baby. Sinéad went to the clinic but left before the procedure.

As for All Saints' Nicole Appleton, she succumbed to her record company's pressure to abort her child w/ Robbie Williams.

"Robbie and Nicole embarked on a stormy nine-month romance after meeting on Top Of The Pops in 1997. They split several times before a smitten Robbie got down on one knee and popped the question. But it all went wrong when Nicole fell pregnant and aborted the baby, stating she had been pressured by All Saints' record company.

Recalling Robbie's reaction to her pregnancy at the time, she once said: "Robbie Williams put his hand on my belly and told me, 'This baby is saving my life.'" But after the termination, Nicole was left in a state of shock and feeling suicidal. "I couldn't believe what I had done," she said. "I wanted to kill myself. Afterwards, everyone pretended it hadn't happened."
Nicole Appleton's rock and roll love life and ******** that 'tore' Robbie Williams apart

What's upsetting in Nicole's story is that, obviously, that termination wasn't her true decision (and it's not what Robbie wanted neither). Yes, she ended up agreeing, but she was under undue pressure by executives of a record label! If Appleton, in spite of her social status in a band of strong females, could succumb to such pressure, imagine how many more women were/are trapped in the same position.

Whether pro-choice or pro-life, one may agree terminations should never be forced, esp. when the fetus is healthy and the mother's life is not even threatened. But looks like some record and film executives have no morals in that regard: Classic Hollywood’s Secret: Studios Wanted Their Stars to Have *********.

Seems like Jamie Spears would never agree for Britney to get married under c-ship, let alone have a child, but forced ********? If such thing ever occurred, Britney may want to use it against him (in her legal battle). Forcing a woman to have an ******** may have a serious impact on her mental health, esp. if her mental health was already compromised.

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On 9/22/2020 at 10:55 AM, vinay said:

Britneys case is going to go down in history, which will be remembered for many decades to come.

everything she does becomes iconic: her meterioric rise to fame, her infamous breakdown, her lengendary comeback, her revivial of vegas resedencies and now her fight for freedon against her own father and of course the #FreeBritney Movement

This is so true. She's such a legend in every single way.

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On 9/22/2020 at 11:30 PM, summer2summer said:

hmmmm so it's basically a ''better attorney'' battle just like any case.

Im wondering how will Britney pay for those lawyers when her money is controlled by the Con team? Will this mean we see Britney putting out independent releases to keep paying? or will she use her ''54 million fortune''?

Judge Penny has to approve these lawyers (which she will most likely, she has no reason not to unless she is corrupt which it doesn't seem like she is) and then Team C-ship has to pay them with Britney's money.

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On 9/23/2020 at 11:08 PM, Arianna said:

Is the fact that Stonebridge funds increased $600 Million dollars in 2019 ever going to be brought up

This though. There is absolutely no way Britney is worth only 50 something million (hell of a lot I know, I wish I had that!). But she has had a 20 year career and if you just look at her income from different ventures and tours etc... It just doesn't add up. 

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