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  1. 😂😂 Better still, every penny of the millions of dollars he’s received in this unethical arrangement is returned to Britney’s estate where it belongs!
  2. Exactly this. I’m fed up of him being the king when he was part of the company of ‘enforcers’ for like 9 years! And thinking it was okay. I don’t buy that he didn’t realise she didn’t want what they were doing to her. I’ve been shouted down for saying this the past few weeks.
  3. This is what I’ve been saying too. He’s not a king, he’s just as bad as the rest of them. He stood by for years and saw all of this stuff. I don’t buy that he wasn’t realising what was going on. He WAS one of the prison guards he referenced. And saying he’s realised it’s wrong now is too late.
  4. Does anyone know if she has new security now? Or are that firm of ‘guards’ that He Who Should Not Be Named hired still in place?
  5. On the other hand, being told to do things at work is one thing, what some of these employees or companies did was much darker than simply carrying out normal duties. I would say they are equally complicit.
  6. I love the ethics of Samantha and Liz as reporters and journalists. I almost feel that part 3 (if Britney wanted to tell her story), would be good to have Britney’s interview, to tell her story. I feel like this would be better and more sincere than some dramatised Oprah interview. You can tell they really get her story and have a real integrity to what they do.
  7. I can see what you are saying. I am just not convinced that some of these would not trigger a total ‘wtf’ response. I think the fan base is such a mix of emotions rn, for me I just now feel suspicious of everyone she’s been involved with this past 13 years. Hopefully I’m wrong though.
  8. No one would surely believe someone would be ‘okay’ with this stuff... I do not buy it. She has been let down by so many who saw money rather than an innocent human being. It’s disgusting.
  9. Yes it’s not easy to speak up... but this isn’t about being supported by the fan base. It’s about doing what’s right. The monsters that have done this to her are so low and should have been stopped years ago. People were being paid and therefore said nothing.
  10. No sorry...To witness this and say nothing for 9 years. Is NOT good enough.
  11. I do commend people for speaking out. I just find some of the stuff from his stories so dark that it’s hard to believe at any point anyone could think this was acceptable and be a part of this ‘enforcement’.
  12. Am I the only one that sees him differently? He literally witnessed these horrendous acts for 9 years and just said he ‘detached’ himself from it. He even admitted he knew ‘everything’. He should have gone to the police when he realised what was happening. No one could believe someone would ‘want’ a secret device in their bedroom. This is a breach of human rights. It’s sick. And now he thinks he is redeemed because he’s spoken up? You should have spoken up 9 years ago! NDAs surely don’t cover criminality....
  13. Firstly, great news for Britney, as a woman, mother and human being. She deserves to be in control, live her life, screw up like we all do at times and choose her own path. BUT I pray that this does not stop the scrutiny and proper impartial and thorough investigation into this 13 year long conservatorship by her new team of lawyers. #FreeBritney ❤️
  14. It certainly seems she’s saying “look what I did without it”. I feel like loads of people will think she means cancel all her work post 2008 but I read this as, I owned it before and I will again.
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