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  1. Love Selena Gomez. And this song by cold play. When is Selena coming out with her new album anyway?
  2. Her dad, using her boys as leverage, robin greenhill, Lou Taylor, The time and money used for others to live. and her family
  3. Britney has always played an alter ego on stage or living on adrenaline in interviews or candid videos. Britney has always been the same person outside all of this. We all grow up and mature, and change. Nothing wrong with humbling yourself. she deserves more credit. I don’t understand what it will take for people realize. BRITNEY IS NOT FRAGILE ANYMORE. She’s a strong *****. let her have her moments y’all
  4. Lol I’m 28 and went live for the first time like last year when the feature has existed in Facebook for several years now. It’s still weird to me. lol I feel you Brit. I still never do it. seems awkward to me and still not use to it 💀. She did better than what I would have
  5. I’m hoping she will make a return to music with a Big Bang. I loved witness and all her singles. Smile wasn’t my favorite tho
  6. Of course she would be in it!!!! Her love for Britney is genuine. Queen coming through
  7. Didn’t watch the VMAS. They have been awful the last few years. Madonna appearing was probably the best thing out of that whole show.
  8. One of my co workers husband is in law school and they said during a class that Britney’s case will be used as a prime strong example in the next 2-5 years as a regular topic. Incredible. so glad she’s finally breaking free. Poor girl has been in An abusive conservatorship for 13 years. Yeah…. It’s been that long.
  9. Holy ****. Britney WON 😭😭😭😭. he surrendered. Now she is gonna sue for conservatorship abuse of 13 years. YASSSSSS. You go girl. ******* SLAY. So happy to be a Britney fan.
  10. I hate when people pin woman against each other. This girl is only like what17 18?
  11. Eh. I’ll be watching for machine gun Kelly only because I love his rock route. Mostly watching for the return of Lorde. sooo excited for my gay king Lil Nas. have to admit VMAS back then we’re more exciting. Madonna, Britney, Miley, Rihanna, ruled the VMAS
  12. I just realized that. Holy ****. Every time I think of Britney. I think of a young woman. Like she is in her 20s. Weird
  13. Adele residency? I’m down. Pop out that new album already
  14. The woman can live how she wants. Plus she’s lost weight anyway… you honestly don’t think she knows she isn’t overweight?! so far she has more energy on stage compared to any other artist anyway. She ******* slayed the VMAS that one year.
  15. at first I was happy she has been receiving backlash. But y’all need to stop harrassing this woman, plus the death threats she’s been getting. it’s getting a little too much. Things are finally going the right way legally for Britney. Just let her new lawyer do the work
  16. Funny how this is going on when I’m in the middle of finalizing a restraining order against my stalkers with my case manager Kevin from digital forensics. God sent
  17. Agreed. I love it. it would have been a bop and radio would have loved it. What people on exhale think and then the GP thinks are always different. I remember people hating scream and shout on here but the GP loved it
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