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This Day in Pop: Britney gives birth to her second child Jayden James in 2006 (September 12)

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2 hours ago, ColdAsFire88 said:

So cute.

I always wonder how they’re going to turn out. I’m shocked but at the same time not shocked that they haven’t tried to act/sing. That signals to me that they’ve seen what happened to Britney. Aren’t they more into skateboarding/sports and DJing? 

pres seems to be really into hip hop, streetwear and things kids at his age are into rn, while jj seems to be more into anime and stuff like that 

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the fact that she literally gave birth to him and maybe she can’t celebrate it with him today breaks my heart. all britney ever wanted was being a mom and creating a home for her children. it’s so sad, our Queen has lived all these amazing dreams but not the most important one to her.

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What’s so heartbreaking in all of this is that it’s real life - Britney’s kids are being used against her. She deserves to have her children by her side. The fact that they are cruelly taken away from their mother and have been for some time is just the saddest part. Britney always wanted a family. She’s a good person yet they literally pick and chose when she sees them. Incomprehensible doesn’t even cover it

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