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  1. Won't be surprised if she deleted it because of negative comments. It's her happy time and negative of others should affect it. If Britney decided herself to do it, good for her.
  2. I don't think Britney will marry Sam while Jamie is still in cship. So, there no need to that just yet
  3. That's litterly what I thought when I saw they reunion. They don't have much left to be one group, this album is like a good bye to the fans. I used to love them. But I feel sad due to reasons they may be reuniting.
  4. How come Britney stare is not in emoji yet?
  5. Did I read that right? Is it actually happening? What did Britney attorney pulled out of Jamie that he decided to run? Omg omg omg omg I can't. I just can't!!! Unless, it's another fake move on Vivians behalf?
  6. If I'd be rich I'd be able to: Pay for my parents house, or get them better one. Get new car for my dad. Get medical procedures I need (not plastic surgery) Spend time with family not work for 12 hours a day. Support animals in need.
  7. Honey, noone cares about you. Once you stop posting your petty videos, noone will remember your name. Get over your self
  8. Wow so they getting on the case of housekeeper so fast, yet when Britney calls for help they can't do anything... OK, I see ya... Also, isn't Britney house is wired up in cctv? So that should be open and close case.
  9. Love love love those backstage photos. They are so real, so honest.
  10. He was OK with it for 30 years and was ok with recreating it and now he feel ***ually exploited? Did he befriended some lawer the other day? Such a cash grab....
  11. I was 6 or 7. I think all girls at that time was obsessed with her. So they didn't care. Now, mum said (she's into horoscopes and celestial cards etc) that me and Britney are very similar I'm that level, that's why I'm drawn to her. And also, I don't bother them with my thoughts and they don't care.
  12. Oh what in the name of hell is this? Do they have like contract to do another 50 perfumes so they decided to release all of them and call it a day? Ahahahahhaha... Let's see how bad this gonna flop now
  13. WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS!!!!!!! may be, back then 13 years ago. 13 years!! 156 months... 676 weeks.... 4745 days ago.... Even so, she needed her family, not leash. What about NOW Jamie???? Stop living in the past you old prick.
  14. She said exactly what we was saying. Britney was always dog person, and she always treated them well. If dogs has nannys, how come they are neglected? Those nannys bad at they job then, so it's not Britneys job. Also, if Britney can't take care of herself (as by cship) she can't be responsible for dogs then, so they can't punish her for neglect as she is not in position to be responsible.
  15. Yes Queen. The cship people keep saying how much they made Britney work, yet they forgot what she did with out them.
  16. Excuse me but, if anyone will take my dog somewhere with out telling me, God have mercy on them. I won't slap the phone, I'll aim to they face... Also, if dogs have a nanny who comes in everyday...how are they neglected? So she is **** at her job then.....
  17. Why Jamie is involved in this? He is not conservatee of preson, and this is clearly personal business. F off jamie
  18. Saying your children been threatened didn't help, recording yourself "crying" didn't helped so now this. May it's me, but recording myself when I'm sick never crossed my mind... Why is she is not under conservativrship?
  19. I can't belive someone got paid to do this!!!! Fans do better free of charge 🤣🤣🤣
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