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"3" music video remastered in 4K (we see now skin imperfections!!)

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1 minute ago, Snesh said:

Radar was the last time we saw her beauty and her old face on a MV

Exactly, she looked more natural, and was into the music video. On 3, she seemed like forced to shot it or I don’t know, people say that Britney was not into Hold It Against Me but 3 she seems worse than HIAM in my opinion.

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I think she looks perfect. The OP remastered the video, so the whole point here is that you're going to see a raw version of the original video footage. And she still slays. No over-the-top hair and makeup, no wild costumes, just a stripped down **** Brit. 

Idk what we did to deserve this extra footage of Thiccney at 46 seconds but I am here for it :OMGney:



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1 hour ago, MSTAR said:

Hi!! :hiii:

I’m sharing today a 4K upscale of the music video "3", edited with uncensored lyrics and added new scenes. I kept the color teint, the original aspect ratio. We see skin imperfections of Britney and also dancers now!! Britney is naturally awesome anyway! :lolnoworries:

I hope you will enjoy this video, but I’m afraid that due to copyrights, I may not continue anymore by posting complete music videos but will continue anyway to make new videos about Britney music videos (remastered) but not in a complete music video way like I do usually.


exhaler of the year

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I enjoy your videos so much!

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23 minutes ago, BritneyIcon said:

Love this video! So simple yet effective. I would LOVE to see extended choreo shots or even rehearsal clips. The section with her and the two guys looks unique. Just goes to show that routines don’t have to be complex — fluidity and intention go a long way. 🔥

Yeah idk why they deleted the scene with Britney with the red 💄+ white outfit and the 2 mens

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16 minutes ago, Stannedforever said:

I love the song and the video but something that always bothered me was the aspect ratio:ohwut:

It's not true 16:9 widescreen , it's not 4:3, it doesn't seem to be any commonly used aspect ratio. It's like they forget to crop it correctly :teigen:

It‘s a common aspect ratio which looks like the 16:10 aspect ratio if I remember correctly, I think there are many 2009 music videos with this aspect ratio. I wanted to crop it in 16:9 but I preferred to keep it as the original.


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Just now, kasavas said:

I think she was stunning in Criminal as well

I agree with you, it’s better than 3 but idk why but I don’t feel the same energy as on #Radar, maybe it’s due to meds and surgery, #Radarney still looks the old Britney that everyone knew compared to Criminal, I don’t know how to explain lol, but I hope you get what I want to mean :yesokay:

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17 minutes ago, Blackout2006 said:

I love 3! :makeitrain: Its what WAP wished it couldve been :queenflopga: 

Also i love Imperfection-ney :yesplease:

I liked first the song but after realizing what the lyrics is about, I changed my mind fastly, I’m still believing that she is learning me numbers. :tifflmao:

Britney queen of hidden-senses on lyrics (looking at you If U Seek Amy, I prefer to still believe that she seeks for Amy and still hope that she finds her) :yesokay:

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